January 26, 2022

Your Opinion: Should ONE FC’s atomweight division start being ranked with likes of Invicta FC & RIZIN’s in world rankings?

ONE FC without a doubt has one of the best women’s atomweight divisions on the planet, however the stars of the division are often overlooked globally in the atomweight scheme of things due to ONE FC’s unique weight-cutting rules.

ONE FC is one of the biggest MMA organization’s in the entire world.

Invicta FC currently has an atomweight division which is contested at 105-pounds, whilst RIZIN’s is contested at up to 108-pounds. Most world rankings by the majority of media outlets, including WMMA Rankings, are dominated by these two organizations and their stars which include the likes of Ayaka Hamasaki, Alesha Zappitella, Kanna Asakura and Jessica Delboni. However, one has to wonder if ONE FC’s unique weight-cutting system should be considered, and whether their fighters should be in world rankings alongside those in their named divisions.

ONE FC differs from the likes of UFC, Invicta FC and RIZIN in that their fighters are banned from cutting weight via hydration. Instead they are tested multiple times for both weight and hydration during fight week, failure to achieve adequate levels of hydration — or weight — will also result in additional, event-day testing.

Due to these rules, each weight-class has been bumped up by one. For instance, strawweight is contested at 125-pounds, flyweight is contested at 135-pounds, and so on. Many notable MMA names who come from other promotions to ONE FC continue to compete in the same named weight division, but due to ONE’s unique rules, they are listed as being weighed in at one division above. For instance, Demetrious Johnson competes in ONE FC’s named flyweight division (as he did in UFC), but due to weighing in at 135-pounds throughout the entire week (instead of dehydrating himself to make 125-pounds as he would in UFC), he is listed by most media outlets as being a bantamweight and is ineligible to be in flyweight rankings. Other notable examples include the likes of Seo Hee Ham, Eddie Alvarez, Bi Nguyen, John Lineker and Alyse Anderson.

WMMA Rankings wants to know YOUR opinion. Should ONE FC’s unique weight cutting rules be considered in world rankings? Let us know your thoughts on our social media pages or in the comments section below.


1 thought on “Your Opinion: Should ONE FC’s atomweight division start being ranked with likes of Invicta FC & RIZIN’s in world rankings?

  1. There have to be weights a little heavier than current ones, because of dehydration and jumping some of female fighters through the divisions even in One FC.

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