June 2, 2023

Yearning for Action: No Women’s Fights Booked in Bellator, Here are the Must-See Fights We Need!

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As avid fans of women’s mixed martial arts (MMA), we eagerly await the thrilling matchups that showcase the incredible skills of the sport’s talented athletes. However, it’s worth noting that Bellator MMA, one of the leading promotions, has yet to announce any women’s MMA bouts. While we yearn for the electrifying action and captivating narratives that women’s MMA offers, we remain hopeful for the future. In this article, we will explore some exciting potential fights that we believe would invigorate Bellator’s women’s division.

Cris Cyborg, Bellator’s Featherweight Champion, stands proudly with Bellator President Scott Coker.

Bellator MMA has a history of promoting women’s MMA and showcasing exceptional talent within its ranks. Fighters like Cris Cyborg, Zoila Frausto, and Ilima-Lei Macfarlane have become synonymous with Bellator’s commitment to women’s MMA. Recognizing this legacy, we look forward to the promotion continuing its support for the women’s divisions.

However, the absence of any scheduled women’s MMA bouts in Bellator’s lineup has left fans yearning for more. It’s imperative to remember that women’s MMA is a significant draw, with immense talent and captivating stories waiting to be told. As fans, we want to see these exceptional athletes step into the cage and display their skills, determination, and courage.

Proposed Fights to Reinvigorate Bellator Women’s Division:

Bellator’s Featherweight Division: A Standout Category in the Face of PFL Competition

Bellator’s commitment to showcasing elite women’s featherweight talent has allowed its division to stand out, particularly with the UFC’s limited investment in this weight class. However, Bellator faces increasing competition as the Professional Fighters League (PFL) also sets its sights on targeting the featherweight division. In light of this, Bellator has the opportunity to solidify itself as the premier promotion for women’s featherweight bouts and maintain its status as the go-to platform for top-level competition.

  1. Cris Cyborg vs. Cat Zingano: A long-awaited matchup between two powerhouses, Cris Cyborg and Cat Zingano, would be an explosive clash for the featherweight title. With Justino’s impressive record of 5-0 in Bellator and Zingano’s undefeated streak of 4-0 in the promotion, this fight is a long time coming and would undoubtedly captivate fans.
  2. Sara McMann vs. Sara Collins: Sara McMann, who cemented her position as a top contender with a debut victory over Arlene Blencowe, faces off against the undefeated prospect Sara Collins. Collins’ recent submission win over former Invicta champion Pam Sorenson further highlights her potential. This exciting matchup could serve as a featherweight title eliminator, adding even more stakes to the division.
  3. Arlene Blencowe vs. Leah McCourt: A fresh matchup between two of the division’s OGs, Arlene Blencowe and Leah McCourt, would offer an exciting battle for fans. Blencowe’s experience and McCourt’s tenacity would make for a compelling contest, shaking up the rankings in the featherweight division.

Flyweight Showdown:

Moving on to the flyweight division, Bellator has the opportunity to deliver a thrilling matchup between two accomplished fighters:

  1. Liz Carmouche vs. Ilima-Lei Macfarlane: A showdown between current flyweight champion Liz Carmouche and former champion Ilima-Lei Macfarlane would be a highly anticipated battle. Carmouche’s recent victories over Juliana Velasquez, who dethroned Macfarlane, add a compelling dynamic to this potential rematch. With Carmouche’s unblemished record of 6-0 in Bellator and Macfarlane’s impressive experience within the promotion, this clash would determine the true force in the flyweight division.

As fans, we eagerly await the return of thrilling women’s MMA action in Bellator and look forward to the unforgettable moments these fights will bring.

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