January 20, 2021

WMMA Rankings Year-End Awards: Submission of the Year

As an eventful 2018 comes to a close, the WMMA Rankings panel reflects on some of this year’s top moments.

Panelists wrote in on several categories to highlight outstanding moments and achievements throughout the year.


JAY: Kay Hansen, Invicta FC 33 December 15, 2018. Kay had just fought in Invicta FC 32 on November 16 2018. That’s less than 30 days. And she had fought at flyweight, but made strawweight on last minute notice.  Kay found herself being dominated by Sharon Jacobson’s wrestling from the first round all the way into the third round. Kay kept her composure, was able to wriggle out a few times only to be taken down again.  With 45 seconds left Jacobson had Hansen down again, but Hansen rose back to her feet.  Jacobson was 30 seconds away from a unanimous decision when she picked Hansen up and threw her over her head. Both fighters landed on the ground, Jacobson on her back, Hansen on her stomach.  Jacobson tries to scramble out from underneath Hansen, but Hansen has her arm extended painfully and, with 13 seconds remaining, Jacobson taps. A spontaneous stand and cheer moment.   

TERENCE: Kay Hansen vs. Sharon Jacobson. Hansen snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a thrilling suplex to armbar submission on the last Invicta FC card of the year.

What is your pick for Submission of the Year?

Here is to a wonderful New Year!

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2 thoughts on “WMMA Rankings Year-End Awards: Submission of the Year

  1. Kay Hansen vs. Sharon Jacobson. Eneverable defeat with 15 seconds to go in the third round, and Kay finds the heart to apply a submission hold on Sharon. Tap out for the win!

    1. That was one of the craziest comebacks ever, like Anderson Silva’s submission over Sonnen at last 15 seconds !

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