August 8, 2020

UPDATE: PVZ awaiting doctor clearance, fight against Rachael Ostovich not scheduled

Earlier today, reports of a flyweight fight between Paige VanZant and Rachael Ostovich     being booked a UFC on ESPN event came out. Per VanZant, this is not the case as she has not yet been cleared to fight.

Paige is headed to Vegas tomorrow to be cleared for training.

We wish PVZ a speedy recovery! Would you like to see this fight happen?

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3 thoughts on “UPDATE: PVZ awaiting doctor clearance, fight against Rachael Ostovich not scheduled

  1. this is goingto sound crass, because i’m kinda angry. Paige got fake tits after her arm broke off Jess’s dome. sounds like it makes sense, to get the tit surgery with its recovery period at the same time her arm is healing. But the terrifying thing was, paige’s recent trip to docs showed the bone didnt’ heal at all. Her boyfriends “bone” likes the new additions, but her bone didn’t. my bro science idea is that her immune / repair system was like wuut with the implants and focused on them, and forgot to fix the arm. and now even more delays and uncertainties with her healing now. Crazy…

    1. Having those implants certainly didn’t make it any easier for her to fight at 115, which is where she should be fighting. The girls at 125 will eat her up alive. Hopefully, the doc gives her the okay this week as that should still give her sufficient time to train for Rachael for the planned fight. A loss to Rachael should be a wake up call for her and a victory over her will have me eating my words.

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