June 2, 2023

Unveiling the Titans: PFL Women’s Featherweights Return in June – Here’s the Full Lineup!

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The Professional Fighters League (PFL), with its consistent delivery of high-quality fights, is steadily etching its place in the annals of mixed martial arts (MMA) as a top-tier competitive league. Particularly notable is its Women’s Featherweight division, now being touted as potentially the most robust and high-level in the world of MMA, even surpassing stalwarts like UFC and Bellator.

A decisive factor in this recognition is PFL’s commitment to bringing together diverse talent, creating an unmatched pool of fighters that fans love to watch. This June, PFL returns with its high-profile Women’s Featherweight division, opening a new, thrilling chapter in its narrative.

Flashback to Victory: Abigail Montes delivering a masterclass in MMA, handing boxing superstar Claressa Shields her first loss in the cage.

The PFL 4: Regular Season event on June 8 is set to spotlight a tantalizing standalone non-season Women’s Featherweight match. Mexico’s Abigail Montes, known for handing boxing superstar Claressa Shields her first MMA defeat, will face MMA newcomer Brandy Hester. Despite Hester’s novice status in MMA, her Muay Thai experience promises an engaging match.

Moving into mid-June, the PFL 5: Regular Season event on the 16th promises a series of electrifying bouts featuring the Women’s Featherweight division.

Defining Moment: Larissa Pacheco basking in victory after the stunning upset against Kayla Harrison, marking her rise to PFL Lightweight Champion.

In the co-main event, Larissa Pacheco, last year’s PFL Lightweight Champion, squares off against Amber Leibrock. Pacheco’s upset of Kayla Harrison in last year’s final cemented her as a formidable force in MMA, while Leibrock has turned heads with a stunning head kick KO over last year’s semi-finalist Martina Jindrova earlier this year.

The main card includes Aspen Ladd going head-to-head with Poland’s Karolina Sobek. Ladd, once known for her struggles with the bantamweight limit in UFC, has found her place in PFL’s Featherweight division, exhibiting impressive form and winning big against notable opponents.

Powerful Precision: Olena Kolesnyk lands a brutal body knee against former UFC star Aspen Ladd, paving the way for her victory by decision.

Prelims promise their own share of excitement, with the Russian standout Marina Mokhnatkina battling it out with Evelyn Martins, an up-and-coming Brazilian prospect. Julia Budd, former Bellator champ, aims to break her unfortunate streak of losses, facing last year’s semi-finalist Martina Jindrova. And Olena Kolesnyk, who had an impressive run in the semi-finals last year, hopes to continue her winning momentum against Yoko Higashi from Japan.

This high-level talent and competitive matches within PFL’s Women’s Featherweight division are indeed challenging the traditional dominance of UFC and Bellator. The league’s unique format and world-class talent pool offers a competitive environment resulting in some of the most engaging and high-stakes MMA fights in recent years.

With the following fight list scheduled, PFL fans are in for an electrifying month of June:

  1. PFL 4: Regular Season (June 8)
    • Abigail Montes (3-2) vs. Brandy Hester (0-0)
  2. PFL 5: Regular Season (June 16)
    • Co-Main event: Larissa Pacheco (20-4-0) vs. Amber Leibrock (7-4-0)
    • Main Card: Aspen Ladd (10-4-0) vs. Karolina Sobek (4-1-0)
    • Prelim: Marina Mokhnatkina (9-3-0) vs. Evelyn Martins (5-0)
    • Prelim: Julia Budd (16-6-0) vs. Martina Jindrova (6-4-0)
    • Prelim: Olena Kolesnyk (8-5-0) vs. Yoko Higashi (8-3-0)

As PFL continues to attract and nurture world-class talent while ensuring riveting match-ups, it stands poised to further solidify its place at the top of Women’s Featherweight MMA. This recognition, from both fans and critics alike, suggests that PFL is not just another MMA league, but a serious contender for the title of the leading global MMA organization. The upcoming bouts promise to be a testament to PFL’s growing stature in the MMA landscape.

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