June 2, 2023

UFC Releases Ji Yeon Kim and Jessica-Rose Clark After String of Losses

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In a recent development, the UFC has made the decision to release Ji Yeon Kim and Jessica-Rose Clark from their contracts following a series of disappointing performances. Both fighters faced setbacks in their respective bouts at UFC Charlotte last Saturday, with Kim being involved in a highly controversial fight, and Clark suffering a third-round submission loss to UFC newcomer Tainara Lisboa.

Ji Yeon Kim has been on a challenging journey as of late. Despite putting up a valiant effort in her fights, Kim has experienced a five-fight losing streak of decisions, with some of the outcomes being mired in controversy.

On the other hand, Jessica-Rose Clark faced her own struggles inside the Octagon. Clark has recently suffered three consecutive losses, all of which ended via submission. The string of defeats has undoubtedly impacted her standing in the UFC, leading to her release.

The UFC’s decision to release both Kim and Clark highlights the organization’s commitment to maintaining a competitive roster. It also serves as a reminder of the unforgiving nature of the fight game, where athletes must consistently perform at the highest level to secure their spot in the promotion.

While their releases may come as a disappointment to Kim and Clark, this opens up new opportunities for them in their MMA journey. They now have the chance to explore options in other organizations, where they can regroup, hone their skills, and strive for success against different opponents.

As for their future in the sport, Ji Yeon Kim recently stated that she remains undecided about whether she will continue fighting. This uncertainty adds an additional layer of intrigue to her next move, leaving fans curious about what lies ahead for the talented South Korean fighter.

In the case of Jessica-Rose Clark, her three-fight losing streak of submissions presents a clear area for improvement. She will likely focus on refining her grappling defense and overall game plan as she looks to bounce back and reignite her career.

Only time will tell how both Ji Yeon Kim and Jessica-Rose Clark navigate this new chapter in their professional MMA journeys. As they embark on this next phase, fans and fellow fighters will undoubtedly be watching closely to see what unfolds for these talented athletes.

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