June 2, 2023

UFC Flyweights Ji Yeon Kim and Mandy Bohm’s Feud Unveiled: The Truth Behind Their Controversial Fight

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The feud between UFC flyweights Ji Yeon Kim and Mandy Bohm has taken the MMA world by storm. The heated face-off at the UFC Charlotte weigh-ins set the tone for a fight full of unsportsmanlike conduct and controversy.

According to Alex Behunin of MMA Mania, Bohm’s decision to pull out of their scheduled February fight and reject a fight in March prevented Kim from attending her grandmother’s funeral, which created a rift between the two fighters. To make matters worse, while Kim was trying to fight, Bohm went on vacation to Germany, further fueling the tension between them. Behunin believes that these actions are what led to the bad blood between the two fighters.

During the fight, Kim kicked Bohm off of her after the bell rang, resulting in a point deduction. Kim landed an illegal knee in round three, resulting in another point deduction. Bohm complained that she couldn’t see from her left eye, and the fight was stopped, with Bohm winning a controversial technical split decision.

Fans have been divided on who to blame for the controversy, with some accusing Bohm of faking her injury to get out of the fight and others criticizing Kim for her lack of sportsmanship.

During a post-fight interview with WMMA Rankings, Bohm said that Kim had made things “personal” between them as a result of her actions. She also accused Kim of doing the illegal blows intentionally.

Despite the controversy, there’s no denying that this fight will be talked about for a long time to come. The animosity between these two fighters is not going away anytime soon, and only time will tell what the future holds for Kim and Bohm.

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