June 2, 2023

UFC Charlotte Results: Mandy Bohm Wins Technical Decision in Bizarre Bout Against Ji Yeon Kim Amid Bad Blood

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Mandy Bohm emerged victorious over Ji Yeon Kim in a peculiar flyweight bout at UFC Charlotte on Saturday that left many bewildered.

The strange occurrences began in the second round when Kim was docked a point by referee Larry Carter for kicking Bohm after the round had ended. This penalty proved crucial as it impacted the scorecards later on.

In the third round, Kim aggressively attacked Bohm, presumably to make up for the lost point. In doing so, she pushed Bohm against the cage and attempted to land strikes. Bohm had her head down and a hand on the canvas, which made her a grounded fighter. At this point, Kim threw a knee strike that connected with Bohm’s head, prompting the referee to pause the fight due to another illegal strike.

Replays showed that Bohm’s hand was on the canvas when the knee landed, more importantly, she was visibly injured. The ringside physician checked on her, and she complained of impaired vision after the illegal knee.

Carter then stopped the fight but deducted another point from Kim for the illegal knee strike. After several minutes of reviewing the footage, Carter ultimately ruled the knee as unintentional, allowing the judges to score the fight.

Bohm won by split decision, with two scorecards in her favor, 28-27, and the third going to Kim with the same score. The fight ended at 1:55 in the third round. Although the match was one of the strangest in recent memory, Bohm came out victorious, while Kim suffered her fifth consecutive loss.

It is worth noting that the two fighters had real bad blood leading up to the bout. At the weigh-ins yesterday, both women were in each other’s faces, and during the fight, it became apparent that they do not like each other.

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