August 8, 2020

UFC announces #TUF28 casting call for heavyweight men and featherweight women

It looks like the UFC may finally be investing in the featherweight division.

On Wednesday, UFC announced that they would hold a casting call on May 22 in Las Vegas.

The call, directed toward heavyweight men and 145-pound female fighters, requires at minimum of three pro fights and a winning record.

TUF 28 is scheduled to begin filming in July.

You can find the official application on UFC’s website here.

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5 thoughts on “UFC announces #TUF28 casting call for heavyweight men and featherweight women

  1. Hilariou, Bellator announces a Women’s Featherweight title fight, while Kayla Harrison announces she will be fighting at featherweight in the PFL with the added announcement that the PFL is planning on having a Women’s Featherweight Tournament in 2019, so I’m guessing that UFC couldn’t sit idly by and let the Women’s Featherweight division past them by. So Jozette Cotton now has a way to settle her Cristiane Cyborg Justino call outs after all these years, Sarah Patterson now has some financial incentive to see if she can make the cut down to featherweight safely, Latoya Walker now has a reason to come out of retirement and not have to deal with Invicta FC, Cindy Dandois can now come back to the UFC and fight at a more ideal weight, former swimsuit model Mia Kang has a platform where she can be brought along slowly, there are women featherweight fighters out there.

    1. I’ll be impressed if Josette has the self-discipline to make 145 week after week as demanded by TUF, much less present any serious challenge to Cris. Obviously, you didn’t see the Cindy/Alexis fight if you think she has any business in the UFC, much less at 145. Mia Kang? You mean the model that just started in Muay Thai? By the time she’s ready for the UFC, Cris will probably be long retired. The UFC and Bellator presently host most of the top FW’s and I seriously doubt if any would leave to participate in TUF. Unfortunately, none of those you mentioned or even have not mentioned present much of A challenge to Cris . They need to make 136+ an open division. Cris would probably still rule but at least we might have some potentially interesting fights.

  2. JR, your entire long winded comment what you typical UFC Zombies/Employees do, pure toxic waste. I posted a comment of possibilities, who gives a f_ _k about your dumba_ _ opinion about who can beat Cyborg now. Do you want to see fights or do you what to whine and cry like a baby? Grow up.

  3. Another thing to JR, WHO THE F_ _K STATED ANYTHING ABOUT ANY BELLATOR WOMEN’S FEATHERWEIGHT FIGHTERS LEAVING BELLATOR TO GO ON TUF? JR your statement is the classic guess of someone reading into a statement of what they want to read into it. As for your nothing but the classic internet toxic negative comments about Jozette Cotton, and Cindy Dandois and even Mia Kang, JR your statement reads as if no MMA fighter ever improves. So Cindy Dandois never will improve by your point of view, Jozette Cotton will never improve by your point of view, Mia Kang is never going to develop as a MMA from your point of view. So according to JR let all things stay status quo in MMA. No need to have to develop divisions because none can ever develop to become champions. JR is so focused on apparently his hater-aid on Cyborg and Jozette Cotton and Cindy Dandois, he can’t see past that. For you ladies out there, ignore clowns like JR and keep making Women’s MMA better and better and keep entertaining us fans who enjoy MMA. I, for one, am glad to see that women MMA fighters are having options to fight in different promotions and to be able to make somewhat okay money from MMA.

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