September 30, 2020

UFC 251 results: Rose Namajunas defeats Jessica Andrade by split decision

On Saturday at UFC 251, Rose Namajunas emerged victorious over Jessica Andrade by split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) in a highly anticipated strawweight rematch.

“Thug” Rose improves her record to 10-4. Andrade moves to 20-8.

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6 thoughts on “UFC 251 results: Rose Namajunas defeats Jessica Andrade by split decision

  1. A good watch. Andrade levelled up to a degree I didn’t think possible. A whole different landscape in a five-rounder for sure; Namajunas gets stopped in the 4th if that was the case. But it wasn’t. I think I share WMMAddict’s concerns about Rose’s cardio though, ‘cos that fight pace wasn’t what could really be called ‘frantic’, nor was there much in-fighting/close contact as to have sapped the energy… Jessica has better cardio than damn near ALL the women though so it’s not the fairest comparison, I guess. 🙂

    1. Andrade improved sufficiently that I would be open to her having a rematch w/Weili after a couple of wins. If Rose is unable to challenge for the title shortly, I would like to see a JJ/Weili rematch. If she is, I would like to see an Andrade/JJ rematch.

  2. Definitely need a rubber match. I haven’t seen a winner look more bruised and battered after a split decision since Anastasia Yankova after her split decision win over Veta Arteaga in Bellator.

    1. Eventually, but no need to rush it. While Rose seemed to be slowing, there’s no guarantee she would have lost a 5-rounder. I just hope Suarez heals soon, with Ansaroff moving up a weight class, and Gadelha seemingly on the downside, or we might see the same top 4 continuously fighting each other, although all 4 are great. And still a little bit too soon, maybe, for Ribas to fight any of them.

    1. just hope Suarez heals soon. I’m worried that we might not ever see her fight again. Her injury just was not healing right, last I heard. I wouldn’t want her to fight any of those top 4 in her first fight back. It’s been too long.

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