August 8, 2020

UFC 232 results: Bizarre eye injury ends Megan Anderson vs Cat Zingano in first round

Tonight at UFC 232 at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., Megan Anderson collides with Cat Zingano in an important featherweight showdown.

Megan Anderson def. Cat Zingano via first-round stoppage (eye injury).

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6 thoughts on “UFC 232 results: Bizarre eye injury ends Megan Anderson vs Cat Zingano in first round

  1. I’m not that impressed with the lack of sympathy in her post fight speech. She acted as if it was a clear victory, but it was a freak outcome

    1. She did make it sound like she thought it was more skill than luck. Maybe it was , but ever so slightly , at best. I mean, in reality , Zingano should have her hands up, but still, was somewhat lucky.

    1. Joke division? wel just look at the fight of what might have been . it could have and should have been a great fight. Cat was going to put it all out there . At least her eye isn’t as bad as we feared.

  2. Yes, a joke division. Two fighters in the division, Cris Cyborg and Megan Anderson, and the rest bounce up for one fight here and there, like specialty fight featherweights instead of just building the division. . And are you seriously stating what could have been like it’s a real thing? Because what we all saw is what is reality and not some fantasyland what coulda, shoulda, woulda. And again, typical reading into a statement what is not there. Not once did I mentioned anything bad about Cat Zingano’s eye injury. We’re MMA fight fans, of course, I hope she is okay and will recover quickly and be able to come back healthy and be able to fight again.

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