August 8, 2020

#TUF26 Results: Maia Stevenson (No. 5) vs Sijara Eubanks (No. 12)

On tonight’s episode of TUF, Maia Stevenson of Team Gaethje faced former Invicta FC bantamweight Sijara Eubanks of Team Alvarez.

In round one, Stevenson appears to have the edge in the striking department. She clips Eubanks a couple of times before Sarj starts hunting for the takedown. A little after a minute in, Sarj gets the takedown and lingers on the back of Stevenson. For the rest of the round Sarj maintains top position and lands some ground and pound. Maia manages to work back to the feet for a a few moments but Sarj drags her back down from the clinch. The round ends with some heavy ground and pound from Eubanks.

In the second frame, Sarj immediately looks for the takedown. Sarj succeeds in the takedown and establishes side control. Eubanks isolates the arm of Stevenson and is working on a submission. Sarj cranks the arm and secured a beautiful kimura. Stevenson taps!

Sijara Eubanks is advancing in the competition! Coach Gaethje and the team console Stevenson backstage.

Team Gaethje currently leads Team Alvarez, 3-2.

Next week, Barb Honchak faces Gillian Robertson!

The Ultimate Fighter is a reality TV show which delivers fans a combination mixed martial arts action and reality television drama. This season’s coaches Eddie Alvarez (28-5) and Justin Gaethje (18-0) are looking to guide female flyweight stars toward the inaugural (and long-awaited) UFC flyweight championship.

What did you think of tonight’s action? 

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