October 20, 2020

Top 4 lightweight Brittney Elkin disagrees with Invicta FC star Felicia Spencer, says “Let’s Go!”

Invicta FC 155lb star Felicia Spencer recently said she believes she’s the most well-rounded fighter in her division. She told us “I feel like [I’m] the most well-rounded fighter in my division, I do respect all of

Elkin wants to prove her ranking to Spencer.

those ranked above me for their accomplishments, but I am confident that I can beat any of the girls ranked above me.  There just isn’t a fighter like me on the list”. She says she would fight anyone and assures us she will be number #1. Spencer is currently signed to Invicta FC and as of right now is the number 9 ranked 155lb lightweight fighter in the world. She revealed she is hopeful Invicta FC will be adding a 155lb division in 2017.

One fighter who disagrees with Spencer’s claims is the Number 4 ranked, Brittney Elkin. She says “I’m sorry but i disagree. I’m ready for the challenge, I want to prove my ranking“. She added “Let’s Go“. Elkin is certainly a tough fight for any woman in the division. When Elkin first turned pro she felt pressured to make 145lbs, a division in which she depleted her body and wasn’t able to perform at her best. After a loss back in 2015 Elkin took some time out. She returned June of this year in the 155lb weight class defeating Kola Shippentower in the very first round via TKO. She’s more recently been working on her BJJ game and been competing in submission only grappling contests. Earlier this month she defeated Jordan Patrick. Elkin is currently undefeated in the 155lb division.

If the bout was to take place it would be a huge opportunity for number 8 Felicia Spencer to back up her claims and make a statement against a top 4 lightweight. Whilst Elkin would be looking to showcase to the world why she’s one of the best and solidify her place in the rankings.

Would you like to see Brittney Elkin and Felicia Spencer go at it for Invicta FC? Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments below.

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Watch Brittney Elkin take on Kola Shippentower back in June of this year.


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