August 9, 2020

Tecia Torres thanks Robert Whittaker for his ‘courage’, opens up about her own struggles with mental health

UFC strawweight Tecia Torres has decided to open up about her mental health struggles.

The 30-year-old praised former UFC middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker, for his courage to open up about his mental health issues during a recent radio appearance.

Torres (10-5-0) says Whittaker’s comments have encouraged her to open up about her own struggles and recently took to her social media pages to release a detailed post.

Take a look at Torres’ comments below:

Tecia Torres opens up about her mental health struggles.

Today is World Mental Health Day. I’d like to share a story with you. This story is my own. I’ve never publicly addressed this and only a handful of people closest to me know this. I’ve struggled silently for years now with depression. I’ve felt embarrassed and scared to reach out and tell anyone. I honestly believed I might be Bipolar for the longest time and for that reason I was frightened. I was so scared to be my parents. I say that in the kindest way I can. I love both my parents dearly. Truth is they both suffer from mental health issues. My mother is Bipolar with depression among many other things and my father suffers from severe depression. I had a rough childhood that included violence, drugs, and alcohol all around me. My parents dropped out of high school. I lived in many places, was on food stamps, grew up in trailer parks, etc etc. I tried to be the furthest thing from my parents. I pursued my education earning a Masters Degree, I fell in love with martial arts and it took over my life in the most positive form, and I’ve been straightedge my entire life. Never once have I tried a drug or even had a sip of alcohol. With the help of my partner, Raquel, I was finally able to seek help and see a psych doctor. After seeing several doctors I’ve learned that I am not bipolar but I do suffer from an attachment disorder and depression. If I’m being completely honest my most recent diagnosis is that I may have borderline personality disorder. Ahhhh just typing this to post it is nerve racking but hey this is my truth and if it can help just one person somewhere in this world then it’s worth it. I’d like to help normalize mental health issues, illnesses, and struggles. Even the people who look the happiest maybe struggling. Yes I have an awesome career and am blessed to do the thing I love most, I have a beautiful home, some awesome fur babies, and a fiancée who has been by my side for it all. Yet despite all I have to be grateful for inside me it doesn’t all add up that way. So if this message hits home for you, or you know someone who may need to read it: Please share my words with them. You are not alone. I say this knowing that I often feel alone and very low at times. Depression hurts in so many ways. There are days I just want to stay in bed all day and don’t want to speak to anyone. I have no interest in training. I lose my sense of self. It’s hard to put in words. Over the past 3ish years now I’ve been seeing a counsellor. It took me a few to find the right one that fit my needs. I am currently on medication to help with my depression. I started probably about 2 months ago on a low dose. Prior to this I was so scared to take medication for fear of side effects etc. I tried CBD (without THC) for about a year before going to a Rx. I wanted to believe I could help myself without medication but again the truth is I needed more help. So I am currently on a journey to better mental health. It’s a daily struggle. I still deal with the feeling of being different from other people and I often ask God why me? Why can’t I be “normal.” Dealing with mental health issues is normal. Repeat outloud and to self “I AM NORMAL.” “


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