August 4, 2020

Sijara Eubanks not impressed with Nicco Montano as UFC champion, predicts herself or Shevchenko will take belt from her soon

Sijara Eubanks returns to action at this Friday’s UFC Fight Night 131 event when she takes on Lauren Murphy on the preliminary card.

Eubanks is not impressed with Nicco Montano as UFC flyweight champion.

Eubanks (2-2) makes her first promotional appearance after withdrawings from her flyweight title fight against Nicco Montano this past December due to kidney failure. The “Sarge” was one of the most impressive fighters on season 26 of The Ultimate Fighter, coached by Eddie Alvarez, and taking out the likes of Roxanne Modafferi, DeAnna Bennett and Maia Stevenson.

Ahead of Friday’s fight, Eubanks spoke with and revealed she isn’t impressed with how Nicco Montano has handled being UFC flyweight champion.

In the house Nicco was a nice girl. I didn’t really talk to her much. She was on the other team. Since she’s won the belt she’s been pretty quiet,” Eubanks told Sherdog. “I don’t think she’s done much as champion. I really don’t she’s done much. She said she’s injured, she’s got a lot of stuff going on. At the same time, injuries happen in this sport. I don’t think she’s really done what she’s had to do to keep herself relevant. It’s a brand new division. You won ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’

I probably would have done things different. I would have at least tried to stay relevant other ways. If you can’t fight, do some interviews, make some appearances, come to some fights. Do something. Just to keep her name a little bit more relevant,” Eubanks continued. “Let people know, ‘I’m here and I’m the champ and things don’t change just because I’m not well right now.’ I think the perception is that she’s kind of ducking and hiding and not really doing much. I don’t know what the truth is and what’s going on.”

The 33-year-old believes Montano’s reign as champ will be short-lived, she is confident herself or Valentina Shevchenko will take the belt from her in the near future.

As far as whether or not she’s gonna be a long-reigning champ, I don’t think so,” Eubanks said. “Because I know Valentina has got her in her sights and I don’t see Nicco beating Valentina. And I’m champing at the bit. I’m right behind both of them. I don’t think Nicco’s gonna spend much time there because one of us is gonna take her out.”

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UFC Fight Night 131 takes place this Friday June 1 from the Adirondack Bank Center in Utica, New York, United States. The preliminary card featuring Banks vs. Murphy will be aired live on Fox Sports 1 from 8pm EST.


4 thoughts on “Sijara Eubanks not impressed with Nicco Montano as UFC champion, predicts herself or Shevchenko will take belt from her soon

  1. Blah blah blah, am I missing something here? Didn’t Eubanks have her chance to beat Montano already? But she lost to her opponent called the scale. How about making weight first Mrs. Talk Big Game

    1. Yeah, these TUF fighters seem to be pretty good at talking the talk, but for the most part, we have yet to see whether they can walk the walk. Kind of remind me of this past weekend’s “Meatball” who claimed that she, Eubanks and Honchak were the only ones qualified to give Shevchenko a fight. Right.

      Have you wondered why the vast majority of the fights scheduled are between former Invicta/TUF fighters and not against UFC fighters that have moved to 125? Could it be that the UFC doesn’t want to embarrass them and the division and that they hope if they give them enough time, they could become competitive?

      1. That is a good thought as I have wondered the same thing! It’s almost like there are “sub-divisions” inside the flyweight division. For ex, former BW’s are matched against each other– Davis vs Carmouche II, Davis vs Chookagian and like you mentioned, TUF/Invicta fighters. Obviously with some exceptions, but it is definitely a valid pint you bring up.

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