August 12, 2020

Ronda Rousey’s new WWE rivals not happy with the special treatment she is receiving

Ronda Rousey’s new WWE rivals are already not happy with the special treatment she has been receiving.

Rousey’s co-stars believe more attention should be on the established professional wrestlers.

The former UFC bantamweight champion and MMA pioneer made her long-awaited WWE debut at this past Sunday’s Royal Rumble 2018 event. Following the completion of the historical 30-woman main event, the “Rowdy” one entered to her signature ‘Bad Reputation’ theme song and pointed at the Wrestlemania 34 logo, insinuating she will have a major role at the April 8 event.

In the days following the event, the WWE have put some heavy promotion behind Rousey’s surprise debut, whilst the majority of media attention has also been on the future UFC Hall of Famer. It seems many of her new pro-wrestling rivals are not happy with the attention she is receiving and believe more focus should be on their historical 30-woman Royal Rumble main event which featured established professional wrestlers. Take a look at some of their posts below.


2 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey’s new WWE rivals not happy with the special treatment she is receiving

  1. oh hell…this isn’t going to have a happy ending. I think what’s happening is that Ronda is a warped human being underneath. doesn’t she know, doesn’t she have any situational awareness, that you can’t walk in breaking smiles to a WWE ring? This is the danger of crossover stars – they pay their dues in one area, but get fast tracked in their new realm, ahead of 1) their abilities and 2) their peers. Ronda earned her stars in the UFC, but in movies, and especially WWE, possible failure, rejection, and heartbreak may be ahead

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