September 27, 2020

Reporter describes “stunning sad” scene as Ronda and her camp left the arena

Friday night at UFC 207 from the T-Mobile Arena at Paradise, Nevada saw the hugely anticipated return of Ronda Rousey after over a year away from competition after being knocked out by Holly Holm back in November 2015. It was all set up to be a triumphant return for the former bantamweight champion, instead she suffered an even worse defeat than last time. Amanda Nunes defeated Rousey in just 48 seconds of the first round via a TKO.

Rousey lost to Amanda Nunes in 48 seconds of the very first round.

Rousey and her team looked visibly upset after the fight and refused to be interviewed by Joe Rogan.

Ramona Shelburne from ESPN, a woman who has grown very close to Rousey since her defeat back in November 2015 describes the seen as Rousey and her camp left the arena. She reveals Rousey’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan was crouched down and crying, as well as saying Rousey “just didn’t seem to be there” with her mother and sister flanked on both sides of her.

Her trainer Edmond Tarverdyan was crouched down and you could see tears in his eyes. Her mom and her sister were flanked on both sides as she waked out, you saw the look on her face and she just didn’t seem to be there. It was just a stunning sad moment.

Meanwhile, Rousey’s mother posted an emotional speech on her blog lashing out at the people who criticise her daughter and saying how proud she is. She later revealed to TMZ she wants her daughter to retire from MMA, and wanted her to do so a long time ago.

How do you feel about Rousey’s performance last night? Do you think she should retire? Let us know in the comments below.


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