March 7, 2021

PFL lightweight Kayla Harrison issues savage comeback in response to callout from heavyweight fighter Gabi Garcia

Kayla Harrison has responded to Gabi Garcia after recently being referred to as a “joke” and being accused of making “excuses” in an attempt to avoid a fight.

Lightweight queen Kayla Harrison issues savage comeback in response to comments made by heavyweight fighter Gabi Garcia.

Gabi Garcia (6-0-0), a heavyweight competitor who regularly weighs in at well over 200-pounds, recently took to her Twitter page to issue a callout of PFL lightweight Kayla Harrison.

I am waiting 3 years for @KaylaH tell me how much she wants me to cut weight to accept the fight! just excuses and joke here! #rizinff#pfl.” Garcia wrote.

Harrison (8-0-0), who competes for the PFL at 155-pounds, caught wind of the comments and let her feelings be known in a comeback Tweet.

Lol we talking real fighting now not some staged fight. How about beat someone that isn’t picked from the old folks home and has a real heartbeat and then you can put my name in your mouth. Until then watch me win another mil.” Harrison wrote in response to Garcia.

Harrison is of course alluding to an infamous fight in December 2016 when Garcia took on the much smaller 54-year-old competitor in Yumiko Hotta, putting a 41-second beatdown on her at a RIZIN event. In December 2017, Garcia was scheduled to fight 56-year-old Shinobu Kandori in a 209-pound catchweight bout. Kandori successfully weighed in, coming in at 162.25lbs, however Garcia missed weight by 27-pounds and came in at 236.94 lbs. The bout was thus cancelled.

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Fight fans, what do you make of the recent back-and-forth between Kayla Harrison and Gabi Garcia? Are you interested in seeing a fight between the pair? Let us know in the comments section below.


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