August 8, 2020

Number-one lightweight Cindy Dandois: “See my win against Megan Anderson and tell me who should be next in line for Cris Cyborg”

Number-one lightweight, Cindy Dandois, has challenged fans who believe Megan Anderson is next deserving of a shot at UFC featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg.

Dandois’ ultimate dream is to someday fight Cris Cyborg.

Dandois (10-3-0) put a beatdown on Megan Anderson when the pair fought in September 2015, with Dandois eventually getting the submission in round-two. The 33-year-old was the number-two ranked 145-pound fighter before leaving the division, thanks to her wins over Anderson and WMMA pioneer, Marloes Coenen. This past Friday at the RIZIN Fighting Federation event, she picked up the biggest win of her career, handing former lightweight queen, King Reina (7-1-0), her first loss.

Taking to her social media pages, the “Battlecat” discussed her dream to someday fight Cris Cyborg.

Congrats to Cris Cyborg! How about the number one 155er vs the number one 145er next? Or Cris could fight Megan Anderson who I already beat. See my win vs Megan and tell me who should be next in line to fight the champion” said Dandois.

Dandois says she is very happy competing in RIZIN’s lightweight division and hopes to fight there again soon. However, her ultimate wish is to someday fight Cris Cyborg.

RIZIN has been awesome for me, but I will never stop dreaming of facing Cris Cyborg one day. Everybody can be mean to me, say whatever, but that’s the goal. I don’t hate nobody, just I am game for it always.” Dandois explained.

I am very happy with RIZIN, maybe one day I will fight Cris Cyborg there, who knows? God has timing for everything, so no complaining. I pray I can fight again in Japan soon” she continued.

Click below to see Dandois’ notable 2015 submission win over Megan Anderson:

WMMA Lightweight World Rankings

Fight fans, do you think number-one lightweight, Cindy Dandois, is deserving of a shot against number-one featherweight, Cris Cyborg? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


2 thoughts on “Number-one lightweight Cindy Dandois: “See my win against Megan Anderson and tell me who should be next in line for Cris Cyborg”

  1. Yes… Cindy Should be the first To fight Cyborg. Asks for it for years And her one loss against a very good Davis was close And after a Too big of a cut. She fought 140 a month ago, Thats Also featherweight And won under 2min.

  2. Well, I don’t think the UFC wants her and it seems like the UFC isn’t even interested in building a Women’s Featherweight division. Bellator would be wise to try to sign Cindy Dandois, so would KSW.

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