August 8, 2020

Nothing can take the fight out of Heather Hardy, “The Heat” vows to be back

Last Friday at Bellator 185, Kristina Williams handed Heather Hardy the first loss of her professional combat career via second-round doctor stoppage. Williams’ stellar performance left Hardy bruised and bloody, but not broken. In her first interview since the fight, “The Heat” talked to Micheal Woods on Everlast’s TalkBox boxing podcast to discuss the fight, what’s next, and how she’s feeling. 

Check out some highlights from the podcast below. To listen to the full TalkBox interview by Micheal Woods, click here.

On post-fight injuries: 

I have fratures on both sides of my nose. So that means two black eyes [laughs]. It was from a roundhouse kick– the ‘kick heard around the world’. That kick broke my nose. Earlier in the first round, I had taken an elbow which sliced my nose. That was the end of the first round. When you saw the blood first start falling, that was from the elbow and I have nine stitches there. Other than that, I’m not experiencing any pain, I am not hurting, I am totally fine. I just physically look like trash. I feel OK.

On her MMA future: 

I’m actually really anxious to get back in there. Obviously, this week is no sparring and no contact, ya know, but the doctors told me that six weeks from now it [her nose] will take a kick just as hard to break it again. I didnt make any secret out of it– im still learning. I was still learning before this fight and even if i was victorious, i’d still be learning after this fight.

On her Kristina Williams: 

I faced a really experienced kicking striker. My coaches heard the morning of the fight, ‘hey, she’s a black belt in Tae Kwan Do’…I go through my training and try to execute my game plan as much as I could. The night of my fight, hats off to my opponent because they did their research, they knew the book on Heather. They were waiting for me to slip that jab and throw the overhand right, and nail that face with a kick. She executed brilliantly. She was patient, she waited. I did just that, throw that overhand right and lean a little too low. The rest is history.

On the fight itself:   

She was more than I expected. Everything I tried didn’t seem to be working, right? She was keeping me really far with her kicks. The gameplan was to ride one of those kicks to the inside and throw combination punches. Normally, I throw combinations, the first thing, whether in boxing or MMA, the girls want to do is grab me. We had done so much work on pushing off the grab, sprawling, staying off the floor, throwing those combination punches. What I hadn’t expected her to do is grab me by the back of my head and hit me with her elbow. Not only was I not aware that she was going to do it, but i wasnt quite aware that that’s particularly what was happening on the inside there. Because I was working so hard to get on the inside, I was just like, throwing hail mary’s. As the rounds went on and she got a little bit stronger and more confident and I was getting more bloody from the elbows, it was harder and harder for me to execute and easier for her to…While she may not be the most polished fighter, her determination and her strength and her dedication to focus inside that ring– this isn’  t the last youve heard of her. Ive had 22 pro fights before and the way she carries herself in that ring is really admirable.


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