June 2, 2023

Mandy Bohm slams Ji Yeon Kim for “personal” attacks and “illegal” blows in fiery post-UFC Charlotte interview

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Mandy Bohm had a lot to say following her victory over Ji Yeon Kim at UFC Fight Night Charlotte. In an exclusive interview with WMMA Rankings, Bohm gave insight into the situation that occurred during the fight, as well as her thoughts on Kim’s actions.

Bohm started off by stating that she was confused by Kim’s behavior throughout fight week. “There’s no bad blood from my side towards Ji Yeon Kim. She was acting a little aggressive in the last few days, and I don’t know what her problem was, but it is what it is. It started before the fight and continued at the weigh-in.”

During the fight, Bohm received multiple illegal techniques from Kim, which Bohm believes were done intentionally. “She gave me more than one illegal technique. I think she did it knowingly. You saw what she did during the second round break.”

The illegal techniques resulted in Bohm’s eye being blurred, making it impossible for her to continue the fight. “After the illegal knee shot to my head, my left eye was blurred, and I couldn’t see anything. It was like swimming. That was the point where I couldn’t continue the fight because I didn’t know what had happened. I wasn’t knocked out, but I couldn’t see from my left eye, so the doctor stopped the fight, and I received a split decision.”

Bohm expressed her disappointment with how the fight ended and stated that no one wanted it to end in that way. “I’m not happy about it because no one wished for the fight to end like that.”

Furthermore, Bohm also expressed her frustration with Kim’s behavior leading up to the fight and how it impacted her overall experience. “Usually, you can have fun, enjoy and feel good, but she took all that away from me. I don’t know what her problem is. She never talked to me. We’ve trained next to each other at the PI, and our fight got cancelled in February when I was really sick. But we got a new fight date, and that’s why I didn’t go back to her to apologize for getting sick because her manager should have told her what happened. I’m not really sure. Usually, Ji is a pretty nice girl, but she made it personal.

Bohm concluded by stating that she couldn’t understand why Kim acted in the way she did during the fight and that it was unnecessary. “I can’t understand why you act like this in the Octagon. We are in a fight, so why do illegal things? It’s not necessary.”

Despite the drama and controversy surrounding the fight, Bohm was able to secure her first victory in the UFC. However, it remains to be seen what the fallout will be from Kim’s actions and what her next steps will be following her fifth consecutive loss.

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