September 28, 2020

Liz Carmouche reveals the real reason she was released by the UFC

The UFC stunned the MMA world last weekend by announcing they had released former two-time title-challenger, Liz Carmouche.

Carmouche (13-7-0) fought Ronda Rousey for the bantamweight title in the first ever women’s UFC fight back in 2013. In her most recent showing this past August, she fought Valentina Shevchenko for the flyweight belt. The 35-year-old has picked up wins over Jennifer Maia, Katlyn Chookagian and Jessica Andrade during her UFC run, making the news of her release a very surprising one.

During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Carmouche reveals the real reason she was released by the organization.

The reason that they gave is that they’re really trying to build up the division and every female that they’ve brought into the 125-pound division, I’ve been able to beat them,” said Carmouche. “So it’s not really giving them the opportunity to build up the division the way they’ve wanted to. So for the best well-being of the division, they had to cut me to give me an opportunity to go elsewhere and get the fights I need.”

What that tells me is that [other fighters are] so scared of me [the UFC] can’t do anything about it,” Carmouche said. “I mean, it would be worse if they were like, you’re just not good enough, we’re just gonna have to cut you. Instead of, all the females are afraid of me. I’d much rather have it fear for them than it be that I just wasn’t skilled enough or made a mistake that cost it.”

Fight fans, do you think UFC made the right decision? Where would you like to see Carmouche fight next? Let us know in the comments section below.


12 thoughts on “Liz Carmouche reveals the real reason she was released by the UFC

    1. a lesbian in the UFC who wins a lot should be hot, ideally. Amanda is kinda cute, but liz is a bit, i feel douchy for saying this, kinda masculine and she has a grindy style, not an exciting striking style, isn’t young, etc. UFC is entertainment, and WWE style thinking has to go into the matchups

      1. I have no issue w/Liz’s appearance or sexual preference. In fact, I had no issue w/her at all until her last fight w/Valentina. Having to endure 5 rounds of her pawing the air was more than I, and I imagine the UFC brass, could endure. The UFC is probably the one that feared a possible repeat. I can’t imagine anyone in her division fears her fighting ability and for her to imply that is ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as her claim to have beaten all the contenders. Hell, she lost to Davis who is barely top 10, and has yet to fight JoJo, Eye, Araujo, Roxy and Andrea,

        1. i don’t have a real issue with liz appearance. there is a reason Sarah Kaufman doesn’t fight for the ufc any more – she is not “UFC hot”. i think she is cute enough, but i read an article describing her as a “spoiler ” , that is, she is not favored by the ufc, but is good enough to beat their favored stars. that’s why sarah never fought miesha tate in a rematch, because meisha is a smart enough company woman to konw they ufc would never risk Sarah Kaufman winning.

          1. and tell the truth, i’m all in favor of eliminating fighters who play it safe and beat up the air. The girls *do* have to try harder because they don’t have KO power and so we get fewer exciting blasting finishes. often we get a mediocre fight between mediocre girls who do crap boxing for a few rounds, then attempt a takedown at the last minute “to win the round” , with no intent to finish the opponent, only to finish the round in top position. So, that said, any fighter, esepcially girls, who have boring, “reactive” “hit without getting hit” fight styles, should be ejected with haste from the ranks. That will make the remaining girls fight harder.

          2. yeah, I ALWAYS thought it was INTERESTING that they kept Miesha away from fighting Alexis Davis and Sarah Kaufmann during her UFC tenure ! I was surprised when they finally booked her against Carmouche, and that was a very close fight, closer than the scorecards.

        2. What it really means is they know Maycee has no chance of beating Liz, and neither do Aldrich, PVZ, etc, Look for more veterans to be cut soon !

          1. of course they didn’t want pretty miesha getting beat up by sarah kaufmann again. i saw the fight once, it’s not a good fight, miesha is slapped around the whole time by the stronger kaufmann. Kaufmann again i said was described on some article as a “spoiler”, ugly and not telegenic, not a “good talker”, so only is a liability to the UFC.

    1. What it really means is they know Macy has no chance of beating Liz, and neither do Aldrich, PVZ, etc, Look for more veterans to be cut soon ! They need Macy to at least “get a title shot” so she can attempt to break Jones’s record.

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