June 2, 2023

Ji Yeon Kim Speaks Out: Reveals Shocking Details of Controversial UFC Charlotte Fight with “Disgraceful” Mandy Bohm

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UFC flyweight Ji Yeon Kim has broken her silence following her controversial fight against Mandy Bohm at UFC Fight Night Charlotte on May 13, 2023. The fight, which took place during the prelims, saw Bohm win by a technical split decision, but it was surrounded by controversy and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Speaking out about the fight via IG story, Kim revealed that she had been dealing with a torn ACL in her knee for seven months leading up to the fight, despite medical staff members telling her she needed surgery and at least seven to twelve months of recovery time. She said, “My knee is still in the worst condition than anyone can imagine, I just didn’t show it to the point even my corner’s couldn’t tell during the fight. And despite every medical staff members telling me I needed surgery and needed 7-12 months at least to recover after surgery, yet I took the fight because I wanted to put on a show for everyone.”

Kim explained that her knee pulled out of its position and caused her pain during the first round, which led her to grapple with Bohm instead of striking. She said, “I didn’t want to risk myself being in a situation where my knee totally pulls out, making me unable to continue, which has happened numerous times during this long training camp.”

The situation became worse in the second round when Bohm intentionally tripped Kim’s injured knee and laughed at her, according to Kim. She said, “It was obviously her intentional act, and then my knee gave up on me again, making it the second time it gave up on me during the fight after the first round. After that, my movement got a bit difficult, due to my knee pulling out, and that’s when I got mad. If I got hit and hurt during the fight, I would’ve been fine.”

Kim admitted that she kicked Bohm after the second round but said it was a moment of intense emotion. She also apologized for landing an illegal knee in the third round, but she did not mean to knee Bohm in that position.

Regarding the bad blood between the two fighters, it turns out that Bohm’s cancellation of their first fight caused Kim to miss her grandmother’s funeral. Additionally, Bohm rejected a fight in March and went on vacation to Germany while Kim was trying to fight, which upset her.

Kim also expressed her disappointment with the unsportsmanlike conduct displayed during the fight. She said, “She ran away at first, but this time she came to give everyone an Oscar-looking act. Seeing her like that made me feel a bit pitiful towards her. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do such a shameful act because it’s just disgraceful not to everyone watching but to herself.

In conclusion, Kim thanked the fans who cheered her on in Charlotte and told Mandy Bohm, “And enjoy your pitiful victory.” She also hinted that she may not continue fighting in the future, but regardless of what happens, her comments shed light on the difficult circumstances she faced leading up to the fight.

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