January 20, 2021

Jessica Andrade accused of taking steroids by former opponent, Joanne Calderwood

Last Saturday at UFC Fight Night 104, Jessica Andrade defeated Angela Hill via unanimous decision. The showing was also awarded fight of the night. Following the bout, UFC president Dana White confirmed Andrade is next in line for a shot at strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzjedczyk.

Not everyone in the 115-pound division is convinced the former women’s bantamweight fighter from Brazil is doing things the right way. In a post by someone on Instagram comparing Andrade’s victory against Jessica Penne at UFC 199 and her UFC 203 victory over Joanne Calderwood,  Calderwood left a comment revealing she believes Andrade has been on steroids.

“(Expletive) it. People who use roids need to live knowing they need it. I know she was on it, if not was before and that’s her problem. I’d rather get a loss than cheat.”

Andrade has never failed a drug test in her career. She battered Penne to win by second-round TKO, whilst she tapped out Calderwood in the first-round. “Bate Estaca” is 16-5 overall and 7-3 with three consecutive wins since she moved down from bantamweight to strawweight.

Is Calderwood on to something, or is it just pure speculation? Andrade looked small when she was fighting at bantamweight, it could be a case of 115 pounds being the better weight class for her. We would like to make it clear there is nothing to show that Andrade is indeed on steroids, this is merely an accusation from a competitor who once lost to her.

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32 thoughts on “Jessica Andrade accused of taking steroids by former opponent, Joanne Calderwood

  1. I think this was eventually be a topic the more and more she won… and once Jessica takes the belt…she should remember this and put Joanne on a “black list”… pick over her for title defenses… No one says anything when your “doing your bit and taking a few losses”..its ok then… but now that shes absolutely wrecking folks …now its the drugs… Joanne needs to fight at her potential…OOps wait..she did…. Jessica is an absolute beast..and fights FAR too often to be riding dirty… If I were her I would ask to b e tested every day leading up to tile fight and for weeks after.. Leave them with absolutely NO excuse.. Its a shame when you have to “defend your ability”… But losers do that!

    1. hate to break it to you bud but anyone who knows ANYTHING about PEDs knows she’s on something all women who are natural have a small layer of fat over their abs because of estrogen women who look like Andrade (pronounced jaw super shredded abs w separation and big biceps) are CLEARLY using testosterone it is a MALE hormone and a woman’s body just doesn’t create enough of it on its own to produce those results you need chemicals if you can’t understand that you CLEARLY have no idea what you’re talking about please shut the fuck up and do some research

      1. Agree!
        When Andrade fought Namajunas the first time, first, I thought Andrade was a guy, then my opinion change to steroid use. Andrade, like Cyborg is just to overly developed without the use of performance enhancing drugs.
        The way Andrade picked Namajunas up and slammed her wasn’t one 115 lb female fighting another 115 female.

    2. Do you still honestly think she’s natural?? I only ask you to see if you are that stupid. Do you think cyborg is natural too since she never got caught?

      1. Hello ! Cyborg was caught before she got to the UFC when she was a real freak of nature ! That Cyborg who was juiced to the gills would never have lost to Nunes lol !

  2. Superboy, I’m sorry you feel this way, no really!!!! Steroids can be taken undetected in low doses. This has been proven. As well, pump yourself full of steroids, stop and there you have it, a body that still maintains it’s manly appearance!!!! This woman has the traps and neck to rival most men. Noooooootttttt normal at all. The only person to rival Jessica in the male/female department is Claudia. Both from Brazil where the love and need for steroids has been proven time and agin. Cheat to win…..hmmmmm.

  3. Of course she used and uses steroids. How many women look like that. You naturally can’t build that type of body without taking drugs.

  4. Be as it may, she still lost the bout against Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Then again her ability to take so much punishment without buckling should raise questions with the UFC but also should make the fans wonder. Jedrzejcyk was superior in every way, a true fighter, natural en full of talent, quite unique actually, while Andrade tried to throw herself upon her like a mindless machine, relying on strength and stamina alone, which in the end did nothing for the outcome.

    1. That needed to be said and the silence around it shames the media and the ufc.
      Jessica just walked through everything without flinching, I mean those clean head kicks didn’t even register.
      Hats of to JJ

  5. Jessica Andrade sooooo obviously has the body of a man… – this HAS to effect how well she can fight and I think this makes a weird grey area when it comes to competitive fighting..

      1. How is he an idiot. You don’t think steroids help her? So basically you think steroids has no effect and does nothing to help her.

      2. your the fucking idiot. Jessica Andrade is a man. or was a man. it is one hundred percent obvious just looking at her.

  6. Is Andrade on steroids? Possibly, but consider the pattern of comments about it. Those damn Brazilians and steroids… Yet Jessica Penne and Ashley Evans-Smith pop, and the same people ranting about Brazilian fighters have nothing to say. If that isn’t a sign of racial bias, it sure looks like one. Odd that whenever a black or brown fighter beats a white girl it’s due to steroid use, but any other time there’s no comment. With respect to Calderwood specifically, fact is she’s just not very good and hasn’t made any notable improvement over the years, which is why she’s a gatekeeper and not moving up the table at all.

    1. Do you know how hard it is to track down a Brazilian fighter when they want to test him or her for steroids. It’s almost impossible and they don’t rat each other out. Also it’s expensive and they have to search and stay there for days or weeks to try and located them. Some Brazilian fighters jump out of windows LOL. In America it’s very easy to track a fighter down and test him or her for steroids.

  7. Was just watching the Andrade/Hill fight and Andrade is clearly abusing PEDs.

    She’s got the body of a Flyweight man, and a brow bar that makes her look like a cro magnon.

    UFC’s testing for women is suspect… Cyborg fails 2x and then gets a “fertility” exemption. If you want viewers to consider this a sport, it needs to be fair.

  8. It’s sad and pathetic how people get on and defend steroid users simply because they are a fan, and the person they are cheering for is winning. Well she got her masculine testosterone fed ass handed to her by JJ. It is very dangerous and life threatening for these women (and men) to be in a ring with these freaks who feel no pain. It angered me to see that she took minimal damage and continued to move forward after over 70 hard shots! She was bench pressing JJ like a dinosaur as if it was nothing, and she has great take down defense. Her legs were purple from the bruising yet she was still walking forward, no limp etc. as if she felt NOTHING. Not to mention the Barry Bonds head on that man! with veins bulging out of it and all! I don’t care how many weights you lift and how much you work out your head circumference WILL NOT GROW OUTWARD! UFC should be ashamed of itself, it was disgustingly obvious.

    1. Yea it’s funny when people think Andrade is not in steroids. It’s like when people say cyborg not on steroids cause she never got busted.

  9. Andrade and obviously Cyborg take steroids. The latter has even been officially caught by UFC.
    I guess having exciting fights is more important to the UFC than making sure the fighters are not cheaters.

    1. Well since ufc sold you are now noticing more fighters looked juiced. Ufc is own by same owners of fake wrestlering so they are also trying to make 4.5 billion back from sale of ufc. So back to the juice era we come.

  10. It’s also much easier to take steroids outside the USA. In the USA it’s much easier to test and locate fighters. You can’t hide but when they go to Brazil it’s very hard to track down fighters because they don’t rat each other out and it gets very expensive trying to locate a fighter especially when you have a fly overseas. That’s why Cyborg looks like a tranny and everyone knows she’s juiced. Cyborg did not look like a man when she first started in MMA so it’s not like she always look like that. She look like that from taking all the steroids and growth hormones. Growth hormones are out of your system in three weeks.

  11. Another obvious nod to her steroid use: a fucking knockout!
    Come on UFC put this ‘girl’ on the men’s card if she wants to be a man so badly. And anyone who thinks race comes into play here is just ignorant.

  12. Here after UFC 228. I totally think she’s juicing. Reminds me so much of Cyborg. I wish Karolina didn’t walk straight back and take all of those shots in the flurries. So sad she lost.

  13. Notice since ufc was bought a few years ago that less and less fighters are getting caught. Slowly they are getting rid of steroid testing. It’s all about knockouts to help sell fights. How are there like a handful of super obvious fighters in men’s and women’s divisions that you can clearly see they are abusing steriods or most likely growth hormones since it’s hard to detect them since you only have to be on them for three weeks for massive results. Not fair for fighters who are natural.

  14. This topic needs to be brought up again.

    The little man boy, Jessica Andrade, is obviously on PED’s. I’m not even sure if she’s physically still female at this point.

    The little man boys not giving her BF oral sex every day. So where else is she getting her muscles from?

    So obvious she is cheating. Poor Rose.

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