October 21, 2020

Invicta FC to introduce open scoring trial run at upcoming Phoenix Rising Series 3 event

On March 6, Invicta FC will become the only current major MMA promotion to utilize an open scoring system.

The promotion announced the news on Monday.

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Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp

After each round, the judges’ score cards will be collected and revealed.

The information will be made available to the fighter’s corners and the broadcast team. Additionally, an on-screen graphic will display the scores throughout the fight.

In a statement, Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp said, “We’ve been considering open scoring for some time, and with the Kansas Athletic Commission’s decision to allow open scoring, we welcome the opportunity to use it on a major MMA promotion for the first time.”

Debates of open scoring in MMA were sparked this past weekend at UFC 247 following some questionable judges’ decisions. A flyweight fight between Lauren Murphy and Andrea Lee, in which a judge was allegedly seen not watching the fight, founds itself at the center of many conversations.

Proponents for open scoring argue that by making the scores known throughout the fight, judges will be held more accountable for their calls. They believe open scoring allows the corners, fighters and the audience to know where they stand during the fight and what they are looking for.

Opponents of open scoring argue that it creates safety concerns for judges and fighters alike. They believe that open scoring could lead to questionable decisions by the athletes– for example, opting out of continuing a fight should a foul occur if they know they are ahead on the scorecards and can guarantee a victory.

‘Invicta FC: Phoenix Rising Series 3‘ will feature an one-night, eight woman tournament as well as a bantamweight title affair. The event airs LIVE on UFC Fight Pass on March 6.

Sources: Damon Martin, MMA Fighting and Eric Kowal, My MMA News

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