March 7, 2021

ICYMI: Valerie Loureda and Macy Chiasson clash on Twitter

Bellator flyweight Valerie Loureda and UFC bantamweight Macy Chiasson recently exchanged barbs on Twitter over the portrayal of WMMA.

It began when Bellator’s Loureda posted the below Tik Tok video.

UFC’s Chiasson replied shortly after.

From there, the two engaged in back-and-forth that went far into the championship rounds.

Who do you side with, fight fans?

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5 thoughts on “ICYMI: Valerie Loureda and Macy Chiasson clash on Twitter

    1. I’m in the middle on this one. Definitely conflicted. I see both sides, for sure.

      I mean, let’s be honest. Loureda wouldn’t have had nearly this much attention in Bellator and in WMMA in general if she wasn’t HOT ! And she’s definitely taking full advantage of it as so many others have (Ostovich, PVZ, Ashley Yoder, etc) , and some of that the UFC, Bellator, and larger society has to take the blame. I’ll put it this way. Vanessa Porto should have been in the UFC a long time ago once flyweight was created. I think we know why it hasn’t happened. Sarah D’alelio when she was still at the top of her game should have been in the UFC.

  1. I thought I saw all of this already, apparently not. I don’t outright disagree with Macy’s initial sentiment but she’d kinda jumped out the window by the end of it. Ah well.

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