August 8, 2020

Holly Holm believes upcoming UFC 225 fight is “make or break” when it comes to her UFC career

Holly Holm returns to action at the UFC 225 event on June 6 to battle Australia’s Megan Anderson in a featherweight showdown.

Holm believes upcoming fight is “make or break” for her UFC career.

Holm (10-4), who has lost four of her last five, believes the upcoming fight is “make or break” when it comes to her UFC career.

I know I got four losses out of the last five fights,” said Holm. “I like to always be honest with myself so that I don’t make excuses. A lot of those fights I could have done more to make them victories so that’s what I want to do.”

I pretty much do feel make or break. I feel like that with every fight in a way because I want that for myself. I want victory that bad. So yes it is make or break, whether it be for how other people see me or just for myself. I want to do this for me.

The 36-year-old, who last year became the first woman to take Cris Cyborg to a fifth round, is keen to one day challenge for the belt again but knows she must first focus on her upcoming fight.

It’s very important,” said Holm. “I know the only way to get there is to get through this next fight first so I really want to focus on one fight at a time.

“I do feel like I can compete with anybody in bantamweight or featherweight,” said Holm. “I want to take any opportunity that feels right at the time and just go for it.”

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Fight fans, do you agree with Holm? Is her upcoming fight “make or break” for her UFC career? Let us know in the comments section below.


4 thoughts on “Holly Holm believes upcoming UFC 225 fight is “make or break” when it comes to her UFC career

  1. Doubt if it’s a “‘make or break’ for her UFC career,” given that they inexplicably still rank her as the #1 contender at 135 despite having lost 4 out of her last 5 fights. A loss at 145 would certainly put a crimp in her purported goal of challenging Cyborg once more for the title but a victory over a top ranked BW would put her right back in position to challenge for the title at 135.

  2. Why doesn’t she fight for the bantamweight belt, where she is listed as number 1 contender? Doesn’t she want to or is it that the UFC won’t let her? She did respectably against Cyborg; she might be able to beat Amanda.

    1. Probably because Amanda is already scheduled to fight Racquel, who although not ranked as highly, has a far better record in her last 5 fights. It’s unlikely Holly wants to wait another 4 – 8 months after Amanda’s next title fight to get a fight. If she beats Megan, she will probably have her choice of champions to challenge. The bigger question to me is why is Holly ranked as #1 contender at BW?

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