January 19, 2021

Four fights for the strawweight division in 2018

The UFC Women’s Strawweight division is one of the deepest in the promotion.

Champion Rose Namajunas just wrapped up beating Joanna Jedrzejczyk twice – in 5 months! Jessica Andrade beat Tecia Torres in a thrilling fight. Karolina Kowalkiewicz and Felice Herrig threw down. Michelle Waterson and Cortney Casey went toe-to-toe in a great fight that ended in Waterson winning but left many feeling Casey should have got the nod.

All of those fights happened in the first few months of 2018. In the next few months the UFC has more fantastic match-ups in the Women’s Strawweight division lined up for our viewing pleasure. But what about the ladies who don’t have another fight lined up? That’s where this list comes into play. These are the fights we should see made in the UFC Women’s Strawweight division!

Champion Rose Namajunas verus Jessica AndradeImage result for jessica andrade

Rose Namajunas just got through beating former champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk twice in less than half of a year. The champion needs a rest. But not too long of a rest because Jessica Andrade is waiting for another shot at the title.

Jessica Andrade has beaten two very game and incredibly tough opponents in Claudia Gadelha and Tecia Torres since losing a title shot just last year to Jedrzejczyk. The two fight win streak has helped Andrade climb up the rankings and prove she is worthy of another shot at the title. Andrade is one of the stronger, if not the strongest, fighters in the Strawweight division. There is no doubt that would come into play in a fight with Namajunas.

karolina Kowalkiewicz versus Michelle Waterson Image result for karolina kowalkiewicz

Karolina Kowalkiewicz might be next in line to take on champion Rose Namajunas but if Andrade gets the nod, she will need a fight. With most of the top fighters in the division booked for fights, Kowalkiewicz doesn’t have too many options. Michelle Waterson is a good fit.

The UFC likes Waterson. She has a great attitude and is incredibly marketable. Why wouldn’t the promotion want Waterson to do well? Other than her marketability, Waterson is a pretty good fighter. Her two lone losses in the UFC are to champion Rose Namajunas and Tecia Torres – a couple of pretty good fighters. This would be the one of the toughest fights Waterson could receive but a win would push her up the rankings, where she might fight for the title at some point.

Image result for felice herrig angela hillFelice Herrig versus Angela Hill

Felice Herrig is coming off of a loss to one of the best fighters in the division – Karolina Kowalkiewicz. There is absolutely no shame in taking Kowalkiewicz the full 3 rounds in a fight that was fabulous. Herrig is in a tough spot right now having lost to a top fighter in the division while a lot of the fighters in the division have fights booked.

Angela Hill just beat Maryna Moroz and is always game for a fight. While Felice Herrig is ranked higher than Hill, this would be a fight that could help catapult Hill up the rankings. And if Herrig wins, it gets her back in the win column while looking for a higher ranked opponent in her next fight.

JJ Aldrich versus Aleksandra AlbuImage result for alexandra albu

Both JJ Aldrich and Aleksandra Albu are young and with a couple more wins each will make names for themselves in the Strawweight rankings. Although Aldrich has five more professional fights than Albu, she is 2 years younger. Aldrich is on a 2 fight win streak in the UFC, beating Danielle Taylor and Chan Mi Jeon. At just 25 Aldrich is on her way up in the UFC Strawweight division. Despite now being booked to fight rising prospect Polyana Viana, Aldrich has a lot of exciting potential bouts ahead of her.

Way back in 2013 Aleksandra Albu was supposed to make her UFC debut, she had to pull out due to a knee injury. 2 years later Albu made her debut for the promotion and won. We wouldn’t see Albu again in the Octagon for another 2 years – where she would win again – this time bating Kailin Curran. The question with Albu is when she will fight again. Will it be another 2 years or will she take a fight before the two year mark?


What matches would you like to see in the strawweight division?



3 thoughts on “Four fights for the strawweight division in 2018

  1. Yeah, I’m not sure what the story is on Aleksandra Albu, but I would like to see her back in there asap as I have been wanting to see what she could deliver before joining the UFC. Since she has been out a while, just about anyone she hasn’t fought outside the top 10 and inside the top 20 would be okay. Either JJ Aldrich or Angela would be fine with me.

    Andrade deserves the title shot most but she may not be willing to wait until Rose is ready. Rose probably needs a longer recovery period from her last fight with JJ than Jessica would prefer. If Rose can’t meet Jessica’s timetable. then Jess should take on Karolina. Karolina should defeat someone in the top 5 to get back into title contention as her previous 2 opponents weren’t.

    Angela’s not in the top 10. I would prefer seeing Michelle take on Felice to see who gets to advance upwards in the rankings.

    All of this is dependent on how soon Rose can get back in the cage and how long Jess is willing to wait.

  2. aside from the obvious title fight, none of these make a lick of sense. Waterson is over ranked and not a real contender, sorry. Karolina should face a top 5 opponent to get back in the title hunt. either the winner of Gadelha/Esparza or she should stop avoiding Jessica Andrade and fight a title eliminator bout with her.

    Felice Herrig vs Michelle Waterson is the fight that makes sense for those two, this needs no explanation really, a no brainer.

    if “Big Mac” Mackenzie Dern can actually make strawweight for a change, her vs Aleksandra Albu is the perfect fight to make.

    Angela Hill vs Cortney Casey is a fight that should be made.

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