January 20, 2021

Following emergency surgery, former UFC strawweight Angela Magana in coma

On Wednesday, Angela Magana’s head coach, Gabriel Lamastus, confirmed that Magana is in a coma due to complications following an emergency surgery.

Magana is currently at University Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Magana took to social media earlier this week to update followers about her condition. She stated that despite unforeseen medical issues, she was still training for her upcoming strawweight fight versus Kyra Batara in Combate Americas.

While training for what would be her 22nd pro fight, Angela suffered an injury that forced her to go to the hospital.

Her coaching team posted the following message to her Facebook page:

What happened to Angela, she herniated a disc while training for a fight, she went for a nerve block to continue training. Nerve block caused a rare neurological disorder, cauda equina , rushes to emergency neuron surgery and hasn’t woken since surgery this AM currently in a coma.


WMMA Rankings sends well wishes to Angela and her family.

Source: MMA Junkie

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6 thoughts on “Following emergency surgery, former UFC strawweight Angela Magana in coma

  1. Praying for Angela’s speedy and complete recovery. She has had a hard and in many ways a sad life. She deserves some happiness and success.

    1. She really has– by no means do I excuse or okay some of the things that she has said and done online, but she does have quite a storied past behind her that would crumble most people. I hope she has a speedy recovery and can find success as well.

  2. Other than sharing Angela’s first name, I have also experienced issues post surgery with anesthesia.. the finding were/is that the paralyzing ingredient in anesthesia aka: Succyinl Choline is the culprit! I was advised to wear Medic Alert because of it. It’s
    not considered an allergy, but more so along the lines of a sensitivity to it. There
    is a testing protocol for it that involves taking some biopsy of your flesh. Basically ‘we’ lack an important enzyme in our bodies that would normally break down the Succyinl Choline so it diffuses out the body, however I the enzyme is lacking enough to cause life threatening potential. General Anesthetic (GA) is never a fun thing but the good news in the event there are other times for life saving emergency surgery, is that we can still be put under, but it is vital that your surgical team is made aware well in advance of this sensitivity. There is no fix for this sensitivity but best (again) that one who suffers this
    sensitivity ‘spreads the news’.. All the very best from one Angela to another
    Angela. Glad to see you made it out of ‘those woods’ I too am familiar with!
    You’re on the finer road of recovery … Kind regards, Angela GC

  3. Great that Angela has come out of the coma – thank God! Anesthesia has always been one of the greatest hazards of surgery. I’ve never had a problem with it myself, but I’m nervous anytime I have to be put under. I used to underwrite insurance for physicians and surgeons – so many cases where “the operation was a success but the patient died” – due to anesthesia!

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