January 20, 2021

Five reasons why Angela Hill would make a great UFC on ESPN host

In late May,  it was announced that ESPN and UFC had struck a five year, 1.5 billion dollar television deal.  

Some details were clear, such as ESPN will host over 42 live events as well as 20 events on its digital platform, ESPN+, but the deal has left more questions than answers.  

While there are some major concerns (such as what will happen to UFC Fight Pass if subscribers can get ESPN+ for half the cost) one question we couldn’t help asking ourselves was: Who will ESPN hire to helm the multiple MMA talk shows that are sure to rise.  We would like to help fill at least one of those spots with the highly charismatic, heavily experienced Angela Hill. Here are five reasons why Angela Hill could be a show host for ESPN:

Image result for angela hill vs1) OCTAGON EXPERIENCE: Hill is a veteran with 12 fights and a standing record of 8 wins and 4 losses.  She has faced a wide-ranging variety of seasoned fighters such as Tecia Torres, Rose Namajunas, and Jessica Andrade. The countless hours of training and fighting would definitely give her valuable insight into the technical side of commentating.

Image result for angela hill2) EXPOSURE EXPERIENCE: Angela made her UFC debut against Emily KAKaganuring The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned Finale.  During the run of the 2014 show Hill quickly became a favorite with her on-camera presence, as well as  a favorite with the fighters in the house. On top of TUF, she also has a podcast with fellow fighter Jessica Penne: 2 Straws.

3) WIT AND CHARM: Hill could bring a witty, humorous tone to any bout or TV program.  She never fails to disappoint her  Twitter followers!

4) A FIGHTING FEMALE: Experience always comes first. No one should be hired for a job solely based on sex, race, or other factors of which they were born into. But as an added bonus, being female would give Angela the perspective of a female fighter that a male fighter doesn’t necessarily have. That’s not to say that she shouldn’t commentate on male fights or that males shouldn’t commentate on female fights, just that her position would lend a unique perspective to an ESPN show.

5. ALL OF THE ABOVE: Like alchemy, mixing all of Angela Hill’s attributes together will create an exponentially superb and charismatic tv personality that will keep viewers coming back for more. The question isn’t,  “Who would watch Angela Hill go beast mode with her wit on national television?” the question is, “Who wouldn’t watch?” 

Image result for angela hill gif

The deal struck between the UFC and ESPN is sure to bring the world of MMA further into the future and cement it as a lasting sport. We are very excited for what this union will bring and we are anticipating with bated breath and hope that the icing on top of this beautiful cake is that Angela Hill will find herself at home with an ESPN show as she unleashes her beastly wit upon the world.

Who do you think would make for a great television candidate when UFC lands on ESPN?


2 thoughts on “Five reasons why Angela Hill would make a great UFC on ESPN host

  1. I think the headline was supposed to read, “Five reasons why Angela Hill would make a great host on ESPN’s UFC”.

    1. agela would be goood, but some people are put off by a certain laugh she used to do alot. but now she is on her lil 2 straws show with jessica penne, and is developing more on camera, and damn she is witty

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