August 8, 2020

Despite petitioning for Cyborg fight, Megan Anderson will headline Invicta FC 24

Megan Anderson and Cris Cyborg have been actively campaigning for a UFC featherweight fight at UFC 214. However, much to the disappointment of many, the fight never materialized. Instead, Anderson will be returning to action in July to defend her featherweight championship belt against Invicta newcomer Helena Kolesnyk.

Megan Anderson (8-2) captured the interim Invicta FC featherweight belt in January of this year by TKOing Charmaine Tweet in the second round. The “interim” status was later dropped in March when Cyborg vacated the belt, making Anderson the promotion’s official featherweight champion.

Helena “Pretty” Kolesnyk (5-0, 1 NC) is making her promotional debut. She last fought in April, TKOing Tatiana Portnova, under the Tech-Krep FC banner. All five of Kolesnyk’s wins are finishes– three knockouts, and two submissions.

As of this time, Cyborg has no official fight scheduled. With Anderson officially out of the discussion to fight Cyborg, the rumors of a Cyborg-Zingano fight become more realistic.

Invicta FC 24 will be taking place on July 15th at the Scottish Rite Temple in Kansas City, MO.

What do you think of this match up? Are you disappointed that Anderson has not been signed by the UFC?

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4 thoughts on “Despite petitioning for Cyborg fight, Megan Anderson will headline Invicta FC 24

  1. I would’ve been disappointed in there being no UFC Anderson/Cyborg fight if I had any expectations that the UFC intends to build a FW division, but they obviously don’t. Hopefully, Cyborg will see the writing on the wall and head on back to Invicta – or Bellator. Helena looks pretty good on paper (4 first round finishes) – hopefully she’ll give Megan a good fight.

    1. It really is a shame that they are putting no effort into this division!
      Helena does look pretty good on paper– but I was researching her opponents and none of them have a winning record 🙁

      1. Yeah, it appears that Anderson is following in her mentor’s footsteps, trying to find opponents that at least look good on paper, but there’s so few of those available, they’ll even take those that look pretty meh on paper, like Leslie Smith, but at least have the cojones (so to speak) to put up a good fight. The sad state of affairs is that there will probably never be a good FW division as long as Cyborg is in it. Most of the good fighters that could give her any kind of run for her money don’t want to risk the bodily harm that a brawl with her could entail. This aversion to risk is amplified by the consensus by many that she obtained such a phenomenal physique at least partly through the use of steroids. The risk/reward ratio is just not there.

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