June 2, 2023

UFC Vegas 73: Mackenzie Dern vs. Angela Hill – Fight Preview and Keys to Victory

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UFC Vegas 73 is set to showcase a thrilling clash in the strawweight division as Mackenzie Dern takes on Angela Hill in a five-round headliner at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. With both fighters looking to make a statement, this fight promises to be a high-stakes battle between two determined athletes. Let’s dive into the matchup, analyze the fighters’ recent performances, and discuss the keys to victory for each competitor.

Mackenzie Dern, currently ranked #8 in the UFC’s official strawweight rankings, enters the octagon with a record of 12 wins and 3 losses. Dern has faced tough competition in her recent outings, with losses to Marina Rodriguez and Yan Xiaonan. However, she showed her resilience by securing a split decision win over Tecia Torres. Dern’s grappling prowess is her biggest weapon, as she boasts an exceptional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu background.

Angela Hill, ranked #14 in the strawweight division, brings a record of 15 wins and 12 losses. Hill has been involved in several close decisions throughout her career, but she has recently found her rhythm with back-to-back decision victories over Lupita Godinez and Emily Ducote. Hill’s striking skills and high-volume output make her a formidable opponent for anyone in the division.

Keys to Victory – Mackenzie Dern:

  1. Capitalize on grappling dominance: Dern’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expertise is second to none in the strawweight division. She should focus on closing the distance, utilizing her superior ground game, and seeking submission opportunities.
  2. Improve striking defense: While Dern has shown improvements in her striking, she needs to be cautious against Hill’s relentless attack. Enhancing her defensive skills will help her avoid significant damage while setting up takedowns.
  3. Establish octagon control: By dictating the pace of the fight and keeping Hill on the defensive, Dern can showcase her grappling skills effectively. Pushing Hill against the cage and utilizing her strength advantage will be crucial.

Keys to Victory – Angela Hill:

  1. Utilize high-volume striking: Hill’s striking output and precision have been key to her recent success. She should maintain an active pace, throw combinations, and target Dern’s weaknesses in the stand-up exchanges.
  2. Neutralize the ground game: Hill’s takedown defense will be vital in this matchup. She needs to sprawl effectively, prevent Dern from securing dominant positions, and quickly return to her feet if taken down.
  3. Implement effective footwork: By utilizing lateral movement and angles, Hill can avoid getting trapped against the cage and limit Dern’s opportunities to initiate grappling exchanges.

Dern’s world-class grappling skills and Hill’s dynamic striking will create an intriguing battle of styles. Both fighters have shown resilience and determination, making this a must-watch fight for MMA fans. As the octagon door closes, the outcome will be determined by which fighter can effectively impose their game plan and capitalize on their strengths.

UFC Vegas 73 airs live on ESPN+ from 7pm ET on Saturday, May 20, 2023. Make sure to tune in and witness the electrifying showdown between these two talented athletes.

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