March 7, 2021

DEEP JEWELS 16: 12-year-old MoMo set to make MMA debut against 24-year-old Momoko Yamazaki

DEEP JEWELS 16 is set to take place on May 20th. One of the most intriguing bouts on the card is the only amateur fight which pits 24-year-old Momoko Yamasaki against a competitor half her age, the 12-year-old who is simply referred to as MoMo. The fight is scheduled to be contested in the 95-pound minimumweight division.

12-year-old MoMo makes her MMA debut at DEEP JEWELS 16 on May 20.

One thing about this matchup which has got the Japanese world talking is the fact that a 12-year-old will make her MMA debut against an adult veteran of four fights. In the amateur rules for DEEP JEWELS, striking to the head on the ground is not allowed. Both fighters will be wearing head gear.

Yamasaki (2-3 Am) is coming off two losses and is hoping to get back in the win column by taking out her 12-year-old opponent who is currently a seventh grader. The 24-year-old is a former street-fighter who was bullied in junior high school. According to the press release from DEEP JEWELS, the experience is said to have triggered her to became a delinquent which lead to series of “tale of triumphs on the street.”

MoMo (0-0 Am) will be hoping for a successful showing in her MMA debut. It should be noted that the 12-year-old weighs roughly 86-pounds, so Momo will be giving up around 9 lbs to fight an adult. She trains out of Hakuhinkai Karate, the team that has produced notable Japanese talents including Mizuki, Naoki Inoue, and Yukari Yamaguchi.

DEEP JEWELS 16 takes place on May 20th. The event will be streamed live on the DEEP JEWELS website. Also expected to be on the card is top-three ranked lightweight contender, King Reina, as well as top atomweight contenders, Satomi Takano and Tomo Maesawa.

Many would consider this bout a controversial one. What are your opinions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

UPDATE 1: Momoko Yamazaki defends decision to take fight against 12-year-old MoMo

UPDATE 2: New training video featuring 12-year-old MoMo


16 thoughts on “DEEP JEWELS 16: 12-year-old MoMo set to make MMA debut against 24-year-old Momoko Yamazaki


  2. She should make a couple of babies now while she can. After getting the shit kicked out of her, she may not be able to have any…..ever. A very, very stupid girl. Her parents need to be locked away for a few years, to wake their ideas up. Parents who allow their 12 year old daughter to be involved in such deplorable violence, need to be accommodated in a “BIG HOUSE” somewhere far away from her.

  3. This is child abuse, plain and simple. The MMA should hang their head in shame to be associated with this type of spectacle. The Japanese government should step in and stop this event from happening. Sponsoring this kind of event demonstrates deterioration in MMA’s legal and moral values. People who tune in to watch it are sick and in need of help.

  4. When the 12 y.o whoops her ass, what are you fools going to tell yourselves?

    She’s trained, she’s wearing headgear, she’s in the weightclass. She’ll fight and do fine.

    Those of you bitching because ‘OMG SHE’S 12’ are ridiculously dumb., and I bet she could whoop you too.

  5. Hey Guys,
    Take a look at this footage when Hakushinkai Karate’s Yukari Yamaguchi fought in JEWELS when she was 13 years old

    Also Momo’s upcoming opponent Momo Yamasaki fought for The Outsiders which is not really a legit MMA show. On top of this, Yamasaki is a cabaret hostess who barely trains. Wait till May 20th, Momo is going to win this fight.

  6. Hey Americans. Go back to coddling your children and keep them nice and safe by enforcing rules that make them whiny, entitled, spoiled brats. Farragut was 12 yrs old when he was assigned to sail a captured ship back to port. What have your kids done besides play video games and cry when they have to take out the garbage or do any chores around the house (obviously a true sign of abusive parents!). The majority of American parents are lazy, fat, and unsuitable to raise children of any significance. Out of 400 million ppl I doubt even 1% (that’s 4 million for the inept parents) will do anything worth while with their lives…. Just like mom and dad.

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