August 3, 2020

Brendan Schaub discusses Leslie Smith situation, says fellow fighters are “part of the problem” for not “sticking up for her”

Popular entertainment figure and former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub is calling for more fighters to step up and help Leslie Smith with Project Spearhead, an effort to unionize fighters.

Schaub wants to see Project Spearhead gain more support.

That Project Spearhead, I hope it’s the one that breaks through and all the fighters get behind,” Schaub said. “Can you imagine if Conor (McGregor), Khabib (Nurmagomedov), Kevin Lee, [Daniel Cormier], [Demetrious Johnson], (Cris) Cyborg, Holly Holm, Rose (Namajunas) did this, imagine how many waves this would make? The problem is it’s Leslie Smith doing it, as sad as that is to say. I’m with her, and I’m down for the cause, and I hope it works out.”

If Conor did this, the UFC would be sh-tting their pants,” he continued. “But if you’re Conor, you’re not mad at the payouts and the way it’s being ran because you have so much money. You’re basically a partner with them. Leslie Smith is not a partner.

Smith was recently released from her UFC contract, despite the fact she was on a win streak and ranked in the top-ten at bantamweight. Schaub isn’t surprised.

Schaub feels as though fellow fighters are to blame for the treatment of Leslie Smith by the UFC.

What would you do if you ran the company? You’d probably get rid of her,” he said. “It’s a form of bullying, but for whatever reason, our sport puts up with it.”

Ultimately, Schaub feels fellow fighters are to blame for what has happened to Leslie Smith.

All of this is smoke and mirrors until the fighters want it,” Schaub said. “Leslie Smith can’t be the only one that wants it. You need all of them to want it. Until you all decide that you want things to change, you cannot complain, because you’re part of the problem. Leslie Smith is not part of the problem. Leslie Smith now doesn’t have a job because she wasn’t part of the problem. She wanted to go against the grain.

“You see any other fighters sticking up for her? Have you seen one tweet from a major superstar in the UFC? Nothing, right? Not one f-cking word. … Why do you think that is?” he continued. “This is the fighters’ fight. Until the roster gets together and they decide they want things to change, it doesn’t matter what Leslie Smith does.”

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5 thoughts on “Brendan Schaub discusses Leslie Smith situation, says fellow fighters are “part of the problem” for not “sticking up for her”

  1. Isn’t Brendan retired? I think his comments might carry more weight if he was still in the UFC. All those that he names, urging them to support Leslie, are well on the gravy train. It would be most magnanimous of them to rock the boat, and possibly their own careers, by supporting her. Besides, I think her fellow fighters over in Invicta are far more in need of a union. When a champ earns $10K to win, one can only imagine what the less fortunate earn.

  2. Shaub and Leslie are both right you’ve got these fighters that have been getting the short end of the stick for years while the rich keep getting richer off the backs of the ones who blazed the path for them. Conor has been a great fighter but there have been many greats that have came before him and there’ll be many greats that will come long after he’s gone but none of them have ever gotten the paydays because when they do they’re threatened with firing or not booked for months on end. Fighters who were willing to throw down no matter who the opponent was even on short notice yet still don’t get the paydays just because their not big mouths, guess the old saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease stands true in the UFC

  3. The crazy thing is the UFC sent Leslie a $500 discretionary bonus when she raised points in her contract regarding traveling fees and expenses for her last fight. They must’ve known she was on to something for them to send her check knowing they were not going to renew her contract anyway.

    1. the UFC paid for lesile smith stomach cancer treatment, the removal of a benign growth.
      Good for her, but won’t that tend to count against her in her lawsuit?
      I love her (she is totally hot) but she is biting the hand that fed her.

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