January 28, 2021

Boxing champ Claressa Shields details what she has learnt from training alongside UFC stars Jon Jones & Holly Holm

Boxing superstar Claressa Shields has opened up about what she has learnt since training at the Jackson Wink MMA Academy as she prepares for her professional MMA debut.

Claressa Shields is a record-breaking multiple-time world boxing champion.

Shields (10-0 Pro Boxing) recently signed with the PFL and will make her professional MMA debut with the organization later this year. Expectations are high for Shields who is a record-breaking and reigning multiple-time world boxing champion, as well as a former Olympic Gold Medallist.

During a recent chat with Essentially Sports, Shields opened up about training at Jackson Wink MMA Academy.

At first, I was just going just to meet the coaches just to do a low training and just see what the game plan was for me. And the game plan for me was to just strengthen my weaknesses, which was also in my game plan. I wasn’t coming into MMA like oh, my boxing is so superb. I am gonna use boxing and blow these girls into dust.” Shields said.

I actually am open-minded and I’m realistic and I’m coming to terms, and I just came to terms very, very quick that MMA with so many different mixed martial arts, and it’s best for me to be good at all of them. Like I’m great at boxing. So that’s one less thing to worry about,” she continued.

As well as the head coaches, Shields credits UFC stars Jon Jones and Holly Holm for helping her out with the transition to MMA.

But Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, freakin’ wrestling, I want to get good at all those things. Like I learned so much at the Jackson Wink with Coach Jackson, Coach Wink from Jonny Bones from Holly, I’ve been able to just do some kickboxing drills with Holly, been able to just learn really combinations and just like the basics of kicking and the body motion everything from Jonny Bones. And also learn how to defend takedowns,” Shields said.

Shields is expected to return to Jackson Wink MMA Academy in the near future to resume training in preparation for her MMA debut. She will be competing in the 155-pound lightweight division.

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Fight fans, are you excited for Shields MMA debut? Who would you like to see her fight? Let us know in the comments section below.


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