January 20, 2021

Bellator 206 results: Keri Melendez remains undefeated, wins split-decision

Tonight, on the Bellator 206 main card, undefeated Keri Melendez faced a debuting Dakota Zimmerman.

Keri Melendez def. Dakota Zimmerman cia split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

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3 thoughts on “Bellator 206 results: Keri Melendez remains undefeated, wins split-decision

  1. Bellator 200 does 421,000 average live viewers, Bellator 201 does 466,000 average live viewers, Bellator 202 does 405,000 average live viewers, Bellator 203 does 391,000 average live viewers, Bellator 204 does 319,000 average live viewers, Bellator 205 does 346,000 average live viewers. So the best way Viacom and Scott Coker can think of to raise Bellator’s fortune is to put it behind a paywall, when no one was watching their product in the first place. Hmmmm. And DAZN only has around 500,000 subscribers in America. Well, I guess the Scott Coker lead Bellator has just given up on growing their American audience and are primarily counting on growing their worldwide base. And how is that Bellator Heavyweight Tournament going? Oh yeah, it still hasn’t started the second round of the tournament yet. YAWN.

  2. I would say the motivation behind Bellator’s move behind giving DAZN exclusive rights to stream their fight cards is the loosely reported $100 million dollars for 5 years contract. And I think the bigger motive has been Scott Coker came into Bellator and f_ _k things up. He basically said a big FU to Bellator’s loyal fan base by coming in and ending the Bellator Tournament base format. It was Scott Coker and Viacom gave no thought to the fan base that Bjorn Rebney had built with Bellator. And as a result, Bellator has never been able to get that fan base back and the constant abysmal ratings has proven that out. Which in turn means that sponsorship money for commercials go lower and lower because why would any company pay top dollar to advertise their product when there are less and less people tuning in to see their commercial when less and less people are watching the Bellator product that leads into the commercial? So in a grand stroke of genius, Scott Coker and Bellator decision makers realized to late to go back to what built Bellator in the first place, tournaments. And they put all the bells and whistles on their product, but the problem has been that fan base has been long gone and it isn’t coming back and Scott Coker hasn’t built a new, larger fan base. Another problem is Scott Coker fingerprint of dragging out the tournament. His StrikeForce Heavyweight Tournament went from February 12, 2011 to May 19, 2012. Now look at the Bellator Heavyweight Tournament, first fight took place January 20, 2018 and it’s October 2, 2018 and the second round of the tournament has yet to have a fight. Bellator’s Welterweight Tournament started September 29, 2018, yet there will still be a first round tournament fight in January 2019 with Rory MacDonald vs Jon Fitch and no date or site yet for MVP vs Paul Daley. Best guess, in England in February 2019. So five months to complete just the 1st round of a Tournament.

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