June 2, 2023

Angela Hill Unleashes Frustration at UFC Rankings Ahead of High-Stakes Main Event Clash at UFC Vegas 73

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UFC strawweight contender Angela Hill is gearing up for an eagerly anticipated clash against BJJ standout Mackenzie Dern in the main event of UFC Vegas 73 on May 20, 2023. Currently ranked #14 in the UFC’s official strawweight rankings, Hill enters the octagon with a determination to prove herself and address her frustrations with the rankings system.

Expressing her discontent with the UFC rankings, Hill has been vocal about feeling disrespected and undervalued. She believes her past performances warranted higher placement and is eager to demonstrate her worth against higher-ranked opponents. At Wednesday’s UFC Vegas 73 media day, Hill candidly stated, “The rankings are bullsh*t… Every time one of you guys say, ‘Oh, you’re going to be in the rankings. Oh, you’re going to be in the top 10. Oh, you’re going to be in the top 15 after this fight.’ It doesn’t happen.”

Hill’s upcoming showdown against Mackenzie Dern presents an opportunity to showcase her skills and prove her detractors wrong. While acknowledging Dern’s formidable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expertise, Hill remains confident in her ability to exploit weaknesses in her opponent’s game. Reflecting on the matchup, Hill explained, “There’s a lot I can do with the way she comes forward, with the way she doesn’t care about her chin being thrown in the air… There’s a lot of areas I feel I can capitalize on.

Despite Dern’s higher ranking at #8, Hill sees this fight as a chance to demonstrate her fight IQ and experience against tough grapplers throughout her career. She believes her preparation and dedication to addressing her own weaknesses will give her an edge over Dern. “I’ve just been working really hard at fixing them, and I don’t feel like she’s been fixing hers. She’s just been trying to do more jiu-jitsu,” stated Hill, emphasizing her confidence in her ability to outsmart her opponent.

The clash between Hill and Dern not only serves as a platform for Hill to challenge the rankings and prove her worth, but it also holds significance for the strawweight division as a whole. Both fighters possess unique skills and a desire to climb the ranks, making this main event an exciting prospect for fans.

As UFC Vegas 73 approaches, all eyes will be on Angela Hill as she looks to make a statement against Mackenzie Dern. With her frustration fueling her motivation and a strategic game plan in place, Hill is determined to showcase her true potential and solidify her position in the strawweight division.

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