June 2, 2023

Angela Hill Opens Up About UFC Loss to Mackenzie Dern, Reflects on Missed Opportunities

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Angela Hill, who faced a tough defeat against Mackenzie Dern in the main event of the UFC Vegas 73 event this past Saturday, has broken her silence and shared her thoughts on the bout during an appearance on MMA Today’s SiriusXM. Hill provided insights into her performance and expressed her feelings about the fight.

In the interview, Hill admitted, “It’s a weird one because I haven’t cried about it.” She acknowledged that she is still processing the fight and mentioned that watching it back would be a tough experience. Despite the loss, Hill revealed that she felt confident and believed she could have won the fight, stating, “There were little mistakes that were made or hesitations. I was talking to one of my coaches yesterday, and we were all kind of surprised at where the fight went and where I was actually winning the fight.”

Hill emphasized the importance of capitalizing on moments of success, reflecting on specific instances where she had the advantage. She mentioned, “I kept trying to go back to striking, where I was doing better when I would get her on the fence, get to her back, controlling her, having her hand tied behind her back.” These were positions that she had diligently worked on with her coach, Phil, during their training sessions. Hill questioned her decision-making during the fight, wondering, “Should I go to the ground? No, that’s not the game plan. And the corner was saying the same thing.”

With a tinge of regret, Hill continued, “I just keep flashing to those moments where it’s if I was a little more flexible, if I just believed in myself a little bit more on the ground, just a little more tactical on the feet, then the fight would have been completely different.”

Hill’s candid remarks shed light on her evaluation of the fight and the missed opportunities that she feels could have turned the tide in her favor. Despite the outcome, Hill remains committed to her growth and improvement as a fighter, using this experience as a valuable lesson for her future bouts.

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