January 20, 2021

Andrea “KGB” Lee removed from #UFC216

Not even a full day after revealing that Andrea Lee would make her UFC debut against Kalindra Faria at UFC 216, Lee has been removed from the card. 

MMAFighting.com first broke the news that Lee has been pulled from next weeks event.

UFC officials and Lee’s camp did not comment on the removal.

The reason behind pulling her— USADA athletes who have failed a drug test in the past have to go through the USADA testing pool for six months.

In March of 2016, Lee was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission when she tested positive for diuretics.

The UFC hopes to keep Faria on the card. They are looking for a replacement.

Stay tuned for updates!

Who would you like to see fill in for Lee?

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3 thoughts on “Andrea “KGB” Lee removed from #UFC216

  1. The obvious choice would be Jessica Eye. Although she is not nearly as well known and doesn’t carry nearly the “star power,” Kalindra Faria is far more experienced than PVZ , is bigger and with the exception of Carina Damm back in 2009, has only lost to the upper echelon of the SW division. Jessica probably wants to wait for a probably easier and more lucrative match-up with PVZ. Too bad.

  2. Amazing how the UFC tried to slid the Andrea Lee fight booking by USADA, when the UFC has a working agreement with USADA. A case where the people in charge of doing their job for the UFC didn’t do their job. How could the UFC botched the Andrea Lee fight booking so badly? Well, I guess Andrea Lee and her husband and her management team can stop walking around with UFC blinders on and open up their eyes to see what kind of money Bellator has to offer because she certainly will not be fighting in the UFC anytime soon.

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