September 21, 2020

Ana Julaton sets her sights on showdown with Heather Hardy in Bellator

Boxing champion Ana Julaton, who recently signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator, has her set her sights on a showdown with fellow boxing champion and rising Bellator star, Heather “The Heat” Hardy.

Julaton (19-4 boxing, 2-2 MMA) believes that a fight with Hardy (20-0 boxing, 1-0 MMA) is a mega-fight that fans would love to see. The two striking specialist have both held multiple titles in boxing.

Julaton has yet to make her Bellator debut, however, she is hoping to be put on the Bellator 185 card on October 20th, where Heather Hardy happens to be making her sophomore MMA appearance against Kristina Williams.

Julaton says, “Bellator is 100-percent [behind this fight]. They totally understand the magnitude and how much I would love to have a matchup like that with her.”

She continued, “A lot of people say, ‘well she has won titles and you have won world titles, you’re both at the same weight.’ No– there’s an actual difference. I have won legitimate world titles. I don’t have the word International on my titles. I think a fight matchup like that between myself and Heather Hardy would definitely be a matchup the fans would pay interest to and I definitely want to make a statement that there is a difference.”

“There’s a difference when you don’t fight in your hometown all the f-ckin’ time,” says the 37-year-old Filipino-American boxer of Brooklyn’s Heather Hardy.  “I’m a road warrior. I have to travel all of the f-ckin’ time. My debut, I was 0-0, had to fight a girl with 11-pro fights, winning record, and had already fought for the title a couple of times. This girl has experience and I was like, ‘okay, great, that’s who I have to fight with.'”

“Record on record, if you want to see the true story just look it up,” Julaton explained to “I’ve invested a lot of my time, a lot of my efforts, I surrounded myself with the right people. For as great as it is to anyone to say, yeah, I’ve gotten to work with Freddie Roach. B-tch, do you know what that means? It’s not just being able to use his name, Freddie will kick your ass. How many were women at that time working with Freddie? Not a lot. I had to make sure I protected my spot so that Freddie would invest that time to work with me because I had to go up against guys like Amir Khan, Cesar Chavez Jr. and others.”

She concluded, “What I’m trying to say is that I would like to make a statement and show that there is a difference. When people start looking at just the record then you’re doing it all wrong; it’s about the story. Having a matchup between me and that girl– I think that is something people would like to see. I want it to happen.”

Julaton doesn’t care if it’s a boxing match or an MMA fight. She says that she and her team asked for Hardy on the October 20th card. “It needs to happen,” Julaton said about facing HHH. “If it doesn’t happen, it won’t be from our end and I’ll say that 100-percent. I’m just a fighter. This is what I love, breath and do. If Hardy is going to be someone everybody likes to talk about, a lot of people like to talk about me, let’s go. I respect her but this is the fight game. This is what I’m supposed to do.”

“[But] it will be fun. We can have our MMA fight and then have a boxing match. We can go back and forth. Let’s do this. For me, what I love is just be able to have someone who is getting a spotlight, me doing my own thing, we get our respective fan bases together for a fight. Let’s f-ckin do it. We’re going to need to do that s–t anyways. We can’t let the men have all of the fun.”

Source: Mike Heck, (original article here)

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