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MMA is a fast-paced sport– between constant fight announcements, booking changes, last minute replacements, and some unforuntate cancellations, all of the chaos can be hard to keep up with at times. In an attempt to help you stay up to date with WMMA action and results, WMMA Rankings is bringing you a one stop shop for scheduled bouts, results, and more!

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RIZIN heavyweight Gabi Garcia responds to Bellator featherweight champ Julia Budd: ‘Careful what you wish for’

After another successful title defense at last Friday’s Bellator 224 event, featherweight champion Julia Budd revealed she has her sights set on a superfight against RIZIN heavyweight, Gabi Garcia.

Budd (13-2-0) has been cleaning out Bellator’s featherweight division and feels ready for perhaps the biggest challenge of her career to date, against a 235-pound undefeated heavyweight competitor in Gabi Garcia.

Garcia (6-0, 1 NC) recently spoke to MMA Fighting about the call-out.

She’s talking about the size difference, saying that I’m a challenge for her, but no, it’s a challenge for me,” Garcia said. “She’s undefeated since 2011, has way more experience than me. I didn’t even think about fighting MMA back in 2011. She’s faced great names in the sport, so fighting her is a big challenge for me.”

Careful what you wish for,” Garcia continued. “I never called anyone out, she’s the one asking for this fight. I’ll fight her tomorrow. I respect her a lot, but she has no idea what she’s asking for.”

The 33-year-old multiple-time BJJ world champion believes she has all the tools to take out the Bellator featherweight champ.

I’ve been working on my striking every day despite the injury because that’s what I need to evolve at,” Garcia said. “I train boxing and muay thai every single day, and I’m also working more on my wrestling now. She’s a great fighter, but I’m sure I’d beat her. Every day there’s a girl calling me out, and I’m happy with that,” she continued. “I respect Julia a lot. She’s a great fighter and is always in shape. She’s checking my Instagram stories every day… I guess she’s my No. 1 fan now [laughs].”

I don’t think she has punching power to knock me out,” Garcia said. “I’m not scared of her. I chose to be a fighter so I really want to fight her. She’s being very respectful in her callout, but she wants to make her name against me and that won’t happen. She made a mistake by asking for this fight. She thinks it’s gonna be easy. If I land a punch, I think she goes down.”

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