[WATCH] Top middleweight Yoshiko Hirano goes off-script during pro-wrestling match, bruises and bloodies opponent

Yoshiko Hirano made her mixed martial arts debut last month at Road FC 36. She took out Sun Yoo Chun in the very first round via a knockout from a single punch. She is currently one of the only two middleweight fighters to turn professional, along with fellow pro-wrestler turned mixed martial artist, Jazzy Gabert.

Hirano is a disgraced former pro-wrestler who has recently made the move to mixed martial arts.

Prior to making the move to mixed martial arts, the 23-year-old from Tokyo, Japan was an accomplished pro-wrestler. However, towards the end of her career she was disgraced in the Japanese media and failed to find work. This was due to an inccident in 2015, in which she went off-script during a pro-wrestling fight and battered and bloodied her opponent – Yuka Yasukawa. Following the match, Yasukawa, with a bloody and badly swollen face, was rushed to a Tokyo hospital, where she was diagnosed with fractured cheek, nasal and orbital bones, which would require surgery. The incident received mainstream, negative attention in Japan and became known as Seisan Matchi  (“Ghastly Match”). Yasukawa eventually retired from pro-wrestling due to the injuries sustained.

Yoshiko Hirano is currently the number two ranked female middleweight fighter in the world. Click HERE to view the middleweight top fifteen rankings.

You can take a look at the infamous pro-wrestling incident, as well as her mixed martial arts pro-debut below:



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