WWE “Mae Young Classic” Spoilers: Featuring WMMA stars Jazzy Gabert, Shayna Baszler, Ronda Rousey and more

The biggest professional wrestling organization in the world, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), has recently finished filming for a 32-woman “Mae Young Classic” tournament. The winner of the contest will receive a full time contract with the company.

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Shayna Baszler will perform at the “Mae Young Classic” Live Finale in September at Las Vegas.

The first four episodes are scheduled to be released on WWE Network Monday, Aug. 28, with the next four following a week later on Sept. 4. A live final match will air at 10PM ET on Tuesday, Sept. 12 from Las Vegas.

Professional wrestling is a form of performance art which combines athletics with theatrical performance. The matches have predetermined outcomes to heighten entertainment value and all combative maneuvers are executed with the full cooperation of those involved and carefully performed in specific manners intended to lessen the chance of actual injury. These facts were once kept highly secretive, but are now a widely accepted open secret.

Below are the complete spoilers for the tournament, featuring the WMMA stars:

Episode 1 (Round 1):
* Ronda Rousey is shown at ringside.

* William Regal is shown at ringside. Charlotte Flair and Bayley are sitting behind Ronda. Ronda, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke are moved to ringside for Shayna’s match

* Shayna Baszler defeated Zeda. Shayna refuses to shake hands. They grapple and Shayna tries to lock in an armbar. Zeda with a monkey flip for 2. Zeda locks in a choke, but Shayna powers out, lifts her up for a suplex, but flips her into a choke for the tapout. Shayna goes to ringside and poses with her fellow Four Horsewomen

Episode 2 (Round 1):
* Abbey Laith defeated Jazzy Gabert. Abbey with stiff forearms to start, but Jazzy keeps throwing her down. Crowd comes unglued the third toss down. Abbey ducks a kick and hits a jawbreaker to stagger Jazzy. Jazzy locks in a move similar to the Anaconda Vice, but Abbey fights out. Jazzy tries to lift her up from an armbar position, but Abbey deadweights and Jazzy locks in a rear naked choke. Abbey goes for a crossbody off the top and Jazzy power slams her. She goes for the cocky cover and only gets one. Abbey fights back and hits a step up enziguri and the yes kicks, but can only get 2. Abbey hits a senton bomb for a 2 count. Crowd is super into this. Jazzy folds her in half with a clothesline and goes in with punches on the mat. Jazzy goes for the crucifix/Widow’s Peak move, but Abbey rolls out and rolls her up for the win. Jazzy hugs Abbey post match and raises her hand.

Episode 5 (Round 2):
* The remaining 16 women (including Shayna Baszler) are on stage with the Mae Young Classic trophy to start us off. 2nd round matches have a 20 minute time limit.

Episode 6 (Round 2):
* We have dueling Four Horsewomen as Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir are brought to ringside on the opposite side of Charlotte, Bayley, and Becky Lynch (with Sasha Banks on FaceTime)

* Shayna Baszler defeated Mia Yim. Mia ducks a kick and gets a roll up. Mia nails a suicide dive right in front of Ronda & co. Shayna blocks a kick and goes to work on the ankle. Shayna hits a gut wrench suplex for 2. Mia takes over with kicks. Shayna comes out of the corner with a knee strike for 2. Mia gets a suplex for 2, and goes for another, but gets caught in a heel hook. Mia fights out of it and hits a powerbomb for 2. Mia goes up top and goes for a 450, but Shayna catches her in a choke for the win. The Four Horsewomen on either side of the ramp jawjack, as Shayna stares down Charlotte, Becky, and Bayley as Charlotte challenges her to bring it.

Episode 7 (Quarterfinals):
* Johnny Gargano back out at ringside to support his wife, as are Ronda Rousey, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke to support their Four Horsewomen friend.

* Candice LeRae vs. Shayna Baszler is up.

* Shayna Baszler defeated Candice LeRae. Shayna refuses the handshake. Shayna with a huge jumping knee to start. Candice ducks a boot and kicks Shayna out of the ring. Candice hits a suicide dive into a tornado DDT and rolls her in for a near fall. Candice with the GargaNo Escape to a huge pop. Shayna gets the ropes but Candice rolls off and keeps the hold. Shayna deadlifts her into a side slam. They brawl on the top and Candice goes for her neckbreaker, but Shayna turns it into her rear naked choke for the win. Crowd booing huge as Shayna won’t let the choke go. Shayna finally lets it go and jaw jacks with Gargano. Gargano jumps the rail to check on Candice. After having her hand raised, Shayna kicks Candice in front of Johnny. After Shayna left the ring, Johnny helped Candice up to a huge ovation and left her to take a bow.

* Tessa Blanchard, Jazzy Gabert and Kay Lee Ray defeated Santana Garrett, Sarah Logan and Marti Belle. Jazzy Gabert gets a massive pop from the crowd and huge Jazzy chants. Tessa & Sarah start, and the crowd erupts in We Want Jazzy chants. Sarah tags Santana who gets a series of pin attempts. KLR in, and they double team Santana as the ref is distracted, but Santana gets a double springboard armdrag for a 2 count. Marti in, and they trade forearms. Jazzy gets the tag and the crowd comes unglued. Jazzy kills Marti. Crowd is on their feet. Jazzy with a torture rack on Marti and she throws her into the turnbuckle and tags Tessa. Marti with a facebuster, and gets the hot tag to Santana. However the crowd explodes as Jazzy is tagged back in. The crowd boos as Santana locks in a choke, but KLR breaks it up. KLR accidentally takes out Jazzy, and the women all take each other out. It ends up with Jazzy alone with Marti, and Santana comes off the rope, but Jazzy catches her, puts her over her shoulder and nails a face plant driver for the win. The crowd erupts in “Please Sign” Jazzy chants.

* Triple H out. The crowd erupts in “Please Sign Jazzy” chants, and Hunter laughs and says we did this in the Cruiserweight Classic and it cost him too much money, he’s got budgets. He says he’s out her to thank us. There’s not been a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for women’s wrestling until now. He says there’s one more person he needs to thank, and that’s Sara Amato. Triple H gives a really nice speech about Sara’s journey and how much she’s helped bring women’s wrestling up and they give her a bouquet of flowers. The crowd gives her a nice “Thank You Sara” chant. Triple H jokes that Sara hates him right now, but there’s one thing left to ask: “Are You Ready” for the semifinals?!?

Episode 8 (Semi-Finals):
* The semifinals have a 30 minute time limit.

* Shayna Baszler defeated Mercedes Martinez to advance to the finals. Mercedes shoots for a takedown to start. Shayna does a lackadaisical kick and Mercedes unloads with forearms. Mercedes catches Shayna with kicks and punches and locks a headlock in. Mercedes goes side and tries to lock in an armbar. Shayna fights out and unloads with forearms. Shayna with a roll through gut wrench suplex for 2. Shayna has a leglock in and transitions to an ankle lock. Mercedes with kicks to the face to fight out. They trade forearms and Mercedes slaps Shayna and unloads with forearms. Mercedes hits the fisherman suplex, but her leg is too hurt for hurt to make the cover and Shayna kicks out at 2. Mercedes with a barrage of suplexes. Mercedes goes for the Fisherman again, but Shayna fights out and locks in the rear naked choke. Mercedes tries to fight it but eventually taps out to give Shayna the win. Post match, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Sara Amato present Shayna with a bouquet and raise her hand, and also congratulate Mercedes.

* Kairi is on the stage with Triple H, Sara and Stephanie, when Shayna Baszler walks out. They square off like a UFC press conference and pose for photos with the trophy behind them. Stephanie raises Shayna’s arm and Sara raises Kairi’s as Triple H gives them the stage and we get the announcement of this being the final match for Las Vegas on Tuesday, September 12th.

(Source – Full Spoilers, including all 32-woman)



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