WWE exec: “Ronda Rousey and the WWE is a match made in heaven. She’s gonna be a big star. It’s inevitable.”

Former UFC bantamweight champion and WMMA pioneer Ronda Rousey has long been rumoured to be joining the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Last month, it was revealed that the organization is looking to book her for the Wrestlemania 34 event on April 8th.

Jim Ross, a veteran pro-wrestling commentator, as well as working at talent relations for the WWE, recently gave his opinions on Rousey joining the organization.

It’s too great an opportunity for her to pass up and WWE to pass up. It’s a match made in heaven,” Ross told TMZ this week. “She’s gonna be a big star. It’s inevitable. I see her in a WrestleMania someday.

Rousey previously appeared on the premier pro-wrestling organization’s 2015 Wrestlemania 31 event, in a segment with The Rock, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Last month she appeared on-screen during tapings for the “Mae Young Classic” tournament, which airs this fall. (Click HERE for spoilers).

The 30-year-old is a former UFC bantamweight champion, who defended the belt a total of six times in dominating fashion. She lost the title to Holly Holm back in October 2015 and unsuccessfully challenged Amanda Nunes for the belt last December. Having successfully won a world championship in MMA, she now looks to do the same in professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling is a form of performance art which combines athletics with theatrical performance. The matches have predetermined outcomes to heighten entertainment value and all combative maneuvers are executed with the full cooperation of those involved and carefully performed in specific manners intended to lessen the chance of actual injury. These facts were once kept highly secretive, but are now a widely accepted open secret.

Fight fans, are you excited to see Rousey make the move to pro-wrestling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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