September 26, 2020

WMMA Rankings Year-End Awards: Fight of the Year

As an eventful 2018 comes to a close, the WMMA Rankings panel reflects on some of this year’s top moments.

Panelists wrote in on several categories to highlight outstanding moments and achievements throughout the year.


TERENCE: Irene Aldana vs. Lucie Pudilova. These ladies looked like a pair of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots when they fought. One of the best MMA fights of the year, male or female.

NICK: Irene Aldabra vs Lucie Pudilova at UFC 228. These ladies tore the house down on the Fight Pass Prelims of UFC 228. The action was fast and furious from bell-to-bell. One of the things I like most about this match up– often times in a FOTY candidate technique goes out the window– this was not the case here, though, as both ladies displayed crisp and high-level striking technique through out the entire three round war.

What is your pick for Fight of the Year?

Here is to a wonderful New Year!

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