[WATCH] RIZIN 4: Gabi Garcia is victorious, Jazzy Gabert enters the ring smack talks her and a brawl erupts

Gabi Garcia defeated 49 year old Yumiko Hotta at RIZIN FF 4. The fight was over pretty quickly. As soon as Garcia got a hold of her, she clinched her landing several knees and then landing several punches on the ground to finish her off.

Gabi Garcia and Jazzy Gabert going at it at RIZIN FF 4.

After the fight was over Jazzy “Alpha Female” Gabert entered the arena. The two immediately begun arguing, squaring each other up and almost coming to blows. The pair had to be separated by Cris “Cyborg”, Yumiko Hotta and Garcia’s former 52 year old opponent who had to pull out, Shinobu Kandori. The next Rizin FF event is set for April and it seems Gabi Garcia VS Jazzy Gabert will take place at the event.

Jazzy Gabert is a former pro-wrestler who recently announced her retirement from the sport. She made the transition to MMA picking up the TKO victory in her pro debut back in October.

Take a look at the videos below. We’ll be bringing you more details as soon as we have them.



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