[WATCH] Joe Rogan reveals he was blocked on Twitter by Cris Cyborg, has a message for her

UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently revealed on his podcast he was blocked by Cris Cyborg on Twitter.

This follows the revelation that Cris “Cyborg” Justino recently tested positive for a diuretic called Spironolactone. In discussing the ramifications of her potential out-of-competition UFC Anti-Doping Violation, Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub talked at length about the situation earlier in the month. They discussed the possible uses of Spironolactone and their skepticism about Cyborg’s argument that the drug was part of a medical treatment.

Rogan pointed out that, among other uses, Spironolactone is often used as a masking agent that aids in diminishing the effects of steroid use, particularly in women. Of course, as he noted, there are legitimate uses, although he appeared highly skeptical that Cyborg’s use was simply a medical treatment.

Cyborg is not happy about this, and it appears she has blocked Rogan on social media.

Take a look at Joe Rogan’s discussing the star, he also has a message to Cris Cyborg.



  1. He calls it like he sees it and Spironolactone can be used for that, but medically it IS used commonly as a diuretic to treat (rebound) water retention which is a very common problem after extreme dehydration. I guess he does not see that.

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