WATCH: Female MMA fighter kicked off Survivor after breaking male rival’s nose

MMA fighter Ana Maria Pal has been kicked off the Survivor Romania reality TV show after breaking a male rival’s nose.

Maria Pal has been kicked off Survivor: Romania.

Contestant Andrei Ciobanul picked the wrong person to start a fight with after a dramatic challenge on the Romanian version of the popular reality TV show.

Andrei Ciobanul had his nose broken by a vicious headbutt after he decided to get in the face of MMA fighter Maria Pal following the challenge in which Pal fell just short.

It looks he wasn’t aware Pal is a professional MMA fighter with a 2-3-0 record.

Take a look at the incident in the video below:

UPDATE: UFC’s Diana Belbita unhappy with former rival Ana Maria Pal for assaulting contestant on Survivor, hopes people won’t start generalizing about MMA fighters



    1. the girl coudn’t hit a block off at 5 paces. while the other girl from the other team knocked them all off
      the guy obviously said something to her about her fail and she was angry at that and bopped him. what a b tho

      1. She needs serious anger management classes! She’s lucky she lives in Romania. She’d probably go to jail if she lived in the U.S.

      1. Yes, and I also apparently “cared” just enough to reply to this comment of yours, despite not needing to at all. But no more than that. Hopefully you learned something from all this.

          1. anticereal and stamina , i’m really enjoying this electronic warfare!
            watching two guys fight in a message board about fighting reminds me of the “you can’t fight in here, this is the war room!”

  1. I hear ya ! ha ha . Just drives me crazy when people post just to say they don’t care or are not bothered. It’s like shut the $%# up then ! lol

    1. No Anticereal, it’s not like that at all. Aside from that not being all I said, and the small detail of me being here anyway (rather than making special effort to share my unsolicited opinion with strangers) it’s no biggie to type a few more words. My articulated indifference here came from having read something about an WMMA fighter whose accomplishments have never given me reason to notice them, reportedly doing something entirely unconnected to combat, and something negative/stupid at that. It’s not simply “I don’t care”, it’s also “why is this HERE?”, as by this juncture the connection to what this website specialises in is pretty darn tenuous. It irritates me seeing articles about Ronda on here too but I sorta ‘got’ that a bit more, ‘cos she at least DID big things in the sport once upon a time. This stuff? Not so much. I stated my disinterest in the vain hope that there are less ‘filler’ pieces like this going forward, is all.

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