War of words between heavyweight competitors, after Garcia trashes one of them for “fat body”

On December 31st at the RIZIN FF year-end event Gabi Garcia defeated 49 year old Yumiko Hotta in 41 seconds of round one. It seems the Brazilian has a new found confidence since emerging victorious over Hotta, as she’s been taking to social media to trash her fellow heavyweight competitors.

Gabi Garcia hit out at rival Jazzy Gabert, saying she has a “fat body”.

After the victory, Jazzy Gabert entered the ring and called Garcia out, telling her “I want to kick your a**“. Shortly after the incident Garcia revealed she felt Gabert was “disrespectful” for coming out to make the call-out. Of course, most fight fans know the call-out was a “planned” affair, the RIZIN bosses clearly payed Gabert money to fly out to Japan and make the statement.

Now, several weeks after the incident Garcia has slammed her potential future opponent on social media in a series of tweets, one tweet which has stood out in particular, she says Gabert has a “fat body”, “i no talking more! why u no fight whit me in dec 31? need more time? fat body! remember no existed miracles in 3 moths!”. The tweet angered fellow heavyweight competitor Destanie Yarbrough who responded saying “LMAO Gabi how you gonna call someone fat when you weight a Damn house before!”, Gabert herself then responded “Gabi shows her real face! She is a BULLY! Unbelievable!! She is in no position to bodyshame someone!”. With Yarbrough agreeing “I Agree 100 Jazzy! Don’t worry bullies can easily get bullied right back or better yet HANDLED!” with Gabert adding “i just feel sorry for her! Everyone gets what he/she deserves! I will not go down to that level!. The comments are certainly a new low from Garcia, wrongly body shaming another woman is never a good thing to do, it appears Garcia has yet to grasp the difference between fighting trash talk, and taking things to a personal level.

Jazzy Gabert immediately fired back at “bully” Gabi Garcia’s remarks.

The ‘Alpha Female’ Jazzy Gabert is a pro-wrestler from Germany who recently announced she will be retiring from the sport in the summer. She has previously competed for TNA Wrestling and is a pioneer when it comes to women’s pro-wrestling. She recently made the transition to MMA and made her pro-debut back in October as part of the middleweight dvision defeating Manuela Kuhse in the very first round via brutal ground and pound. It seems RIZIN bosses are pushing for her to be Garcia’s next opponent. Jazzy will of course cut less weight and move up to the heavyweight division for the bout. She trains out of Planet Eater gym, the same gym as top fifteen ranked UFC middleweight Krzysztof Jotko.

Destanie Yarbrough is not happy with Gabi Garcia’s decision to accept the fight against 49 year old Yumiko Hotta.

Gabi Garcia and Destanie Yarbrough engaged in their own social media battle earlier in the week. After the Brazilian destroyed the smaller 49 year old Yumiko Hotta, Destanie Yarbrough posted on social media “Elder abuse is illegal in America… just saying lol @gabijiu got the easy W though. #rizinff” back on December 31st. Garcia responded over a week later with the ‘?‘ emoji. Yarbrough hit back “I see what your doing. I mean the whole world sees what you’re doing too!“, with Garcia simply laughing in response “hahahaahhaha!“. Yarbrough finished with “”you having girl problems I feel bad for you son! I got 99 problems but a B***h ain’t one!” Just saying ?“. Yarbrough was of course referring to all the women who have recently been calling her out and slamming her decision to accept the fight against Hotta. The two previously fought each other back in October 2016 with Garcia emerging victorious via a round one Keylock. Yarbrough has since revealed she is keen for a rematch, revealing she didn’t stick to her gameplan in the first fight, she says on a potential rematch “I would let loose. Have fun in the ring and let my hands and kicks go.”

Garcia has previously come under fire for accepting the fight against 49 year old Yumiko Hotta. Fans felt the fight was uncomfortable to watch and such a display should be made “illegal”. Several stars hit out at Garcia’s decision to accept the fight including Joe Rogan, Bec Rawlings and Katya Kavaleva. Garcia fired back revealing she is not affected by the haters and she doesn’t regret her decision to take the fight, as well as throwing a dig at Joe Rogan. She also admitted she was ‘scared’ by Hotta’s strategy in the fight.

You can view the full recent exchange between the trio below:


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