BREAKING: LaRosa vs. Internet Troll cancelled, State Athletic Commission and police arrive at venue and shut down event

Tonight’s highly anticipated intergender sparring bout between WMMA pioneer Tara LaRosa and sexist internet troll, Kristopher Zylinski, has been cancelled.

Just one hour before the fight was scheduled to begin, the State Athletic Comission arrived at the venue along with the police and shut down the event. Both LaRosa and the troll were present at the venue in preparation for the bout. (See video below for more details).

“LaRosa vs. Zylinski” was scheduled to take place tonight (January 6) at the Breaking Point Martial Arts in Apopka, Florida. The fight was to be aired live on Mcdojolife’s Facebook page from 7pm EST.

Take a look at McDojoLife’s full explanation for the fight being cancelled below:



    1. Your an idiot, I hope you know that right? Best part about a fight is anything can happen, either one could catch that magic right on that sweet spot and fold like a news paper haha.

      1. Dont’ call him an idiot that’s not cool. Us guys have a waaay stronger heart and blood pump capability than girls. We can transform a thought into physical power to a magnitude most girls can’t do, even trained ones. You know that clenched jaw, clenched fist anger we can summon up in 2 seconds? maybe you can’t. Lay off the tofu, it’s messes with estrogen levels. That’s why you don’t see men and women competing in the same sports anywhere else. The troll guy lifted weights, looking at his social media, he is strong do doubt. and taller and longer than Tara, or any girl he’d fight. Don’t think “ought”, think “is”. What is true, not what we wish to be true. think it terms of probabilities and liklihoods, not “the exception that proves the rule”, about that “chance anyone has to catch other on the sweet spot”. You can blab it, but what if you were forced to put money down on the winner? I love tara, i love WMMA. But i’d bet on the dude because physics.

        1. I never once denied the very obvious physiological advantages an average man has over even a trained female fighter which are not benign by an means. I spoke purely on the variables that are consistent with a fight, you really can’t know for sure what will happen until the ref stops the match. You say “Don’t think ‘ought’, think ‘is'” then turn around and say “think it terms of probabilities and likelihoods” which is the exact pointy I made. Think before you type man because that was a bombastic attempt at an argument against a “soy boy” which I can tell you is the farthest thing from what I am. Honestly Tara probably had a 1 to 3 chance of winning and that’s pretty generous for her.

      2. Hey Brandon your an idiot. Women don’t have power in their punches that’s why in women’s MMA when they hit each other hard in the face they don’t go down. No power.

        1. Knockouts come more from velocity than from actual strength you know that right? If its not fast its not going to shake someones brain no matter how hard or soft you hit them.

  1. Lol. You guys must train “UFC.” You definitely know what you are talking about.

    That guy just got saved from getting straight murdered.

    1. Bob, don’t overestimate Tara’s MMA. she’s hasn’t fougnt in years and is like 38 years old, and is pretty small. her natural fight weight i think was 125.
      what, are you one of those urban legend guys who think that MMA fighters get their fingerprints at local police station because their hands are registered weapons?
      Remember when the girls olympic or natinal whatever soccer team was beat by a high shcool boys team? Guys are more explosive and just…powerful than girls. The jerkoff guy gonna fight Tara could prbably bench press 180 easy. Do you think tara can do that? no, dude

  2. Joolz, are you like one of those guys that thinks benchpress matters in striking?
    Like most typical people you focus on the wrong thing because of ignorance.

    The girl is trained.
    The guy is not.

    No amount of strength is going to help some untrained person that doesn’t even know how to plant his feet correctly land something on a trained fighter. How much you bench press has nothing to do with it. Your soccer example is not even comparable. Its athletes trained in the same sport. Of course the guys will do it better, no one is arguing that.

    But at some point training and technique will overcome someone of greater strength and ability that lacks the training and skillset. Most people i’ve read commenting about this are people that think just because they are a dude they could wreck anything smaller than them which is utter nonsense. Based on the utter dumbness of what is said it’s obvious none of these guys have trained a day in their life but would swear “they can bang bro”

  3. wow such fragile male egos. This guy got saved an embarrassing first round loss, if not a trip to the ER. doesn’t matter if he’s stronger, LaRosa is known mostly for her grappling anyway…

  4. I warned them action would be taken I tryed the same thing back in 2011 to get a fight saying the same thing this joker was saying that a untrained man could beat a trained women fighter I tryed for almost a year to get a fightI know how hard it is to get a fight and then this joker comes along and get a fight almost right away I knew something was wrong some thing did seem right about it and I was not going to get ripped off by this joker.

  5. ეს დედამოტყნული მთელი უსათაურო ველოდებოდით ამ ბრძოლას და რა ჩაგვი^%$^ვით ხასიათში (down)

  6. I did MMA for over 6 years including fighting and I’ve trained with many UFC woman fighters including an ex champ and I will only say this, it’s far from equal. I would always have to go only 20-30% sparring. Also there was a major gap in striking ability. Granted I’m a natural 170er and my forte is striking but in comparison I would spar with friends that fought as low as 125 and they were dangerous to me and could actually hurt me, something that was never an issue with a female fighter even on the ground against one that was a good grappler. I’m not trying to be sexist at all I’m just stating a fact. Now doesn’t mean a female can’t beat a guy especially one with no training, but there is a danger regardless because physically the male is at a very notable advantage and to avoid someone getting hurt it was good that they stopped this.

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